I thought at the time that Watergate was the nadir of democracy, the worst possible thing that had ever happened to the country, or ever could happen to us, a corrupt and crooked president, lying to the American people. Now, I am starting to regard Watergate as merely a quaint pre-echo of Donald Trump. Watergate parallels have always abounded in this administration, and here’s the newest one. Richard Nixon had Henry Kissinger play the role of not only Secretary of State, but National Security Adviser as well, for two years. Now Trump is thinking of giving Mike Pompeo a double role, and an interesting consolidation of power, by considering putting him in the newly departed John Bolton’s job. Raw Story:

“We are learning that administration officials are considering the possibility of giving Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an ally of the president, two hats. He would assume the role as National Security Adviser to the president, and he would remain Secretary of State,”

“Now, what’s unclear right now is how seriously President Trump is considering this possibility, because he told reporters at the White House today that there were five people who wanted this job as national security adviser, and they were good and qualified people,” [Kylie] Atwood continued. “So we don’t know where he is right now, but this is something that is being discussed at the White House.”

“He wants someone who’s close to him and who sees things through his lens,” added Atwood. “That obviously was not the case with National Security Adviser John Bolton, and that’s why he was let go.”

This is how it goes in Trumpworld. People are fired or leave and then they aren’t replaced, because Trump can’t find enough yes-men to fill the void. Sarah Huckabee Sanders left and Stephanie Grisham doubled up as both spokeswoman for Melania and now White House Press Secretary. She has yet to give a single press conference. Mick Mulvaney is “acting” Chief of Staff, still, standing on the ashes of Reince Priebus and John Kelly. Mulvaney already had two jobs as head of the federal Office of Management and Budget, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, when he got the third — and for a while he was considering becoming president of the University of South Carolina.

Bear in mind that Trump has already canned nine cabinet members in less than three years, plus six communication directors, and three or perhaps four national security advisers, if you count Keith Kellogg’s brief stint as acting national security adviser for a few weeks after McMaster left and before Bolton took over. You remember the cocky, overconfident character, Bottom, in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” who wanted to play all the parts in Pyramus and Thisbe? Shakespeare wrote it as farce, but to Donald Trump, it makes sense. He lives it.



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    • The thing that never gets said, is that these people who double and triple these positions, aren’t really doing any job. What the hell is Grisham doing? She may hold two job titles, but Melania does nothing and Grisham has never held even one press conference. So what is she getting paid for?

  1. Maybe it’s unfair to judge the “book” by its cover but when I see a picture of Pompeo he has this clueless, empty suit air about him. I realize he graduated from West Point and did well there so he’s not a dumbass. I do however think that while he might have had the makings of an ok/decent Company level (Capt. and below) Officer anything above that and he’d be out of his league.

    I have no doubt at all he’s in WAY the fuck over his head. He could get away with it as a Congress Critter but I can’t shake the feeling the only reason he doesn’t show full on “deer in the headlights” panic in photos is the vestiges of standing there “with his heels locked” back during his four years at “Hell on the Hudson” are still in there in the same way vestiges of my own days as a jarhead are still within me. But I think deep inside he knows he’s in way over his head and likely prays multiple times a day that no major shit will go down between now and January, 2021.

    • I think you’ve got it nailed. And there’s no way in hell that the guy should get more power. My God, Henry Kissinger was one thing, but Mike Pompeo? No way that I can see. And I don’t think I’m missing anything.

      Pompeo appeals to Trump because he kisses Trump’s ass. He has from the beginning. He used to drive up from Langley and brief Trump at the White House, right after the election. He’s Trump’s babysitter, more than his Secretary of State. And now he’s going to be even more powerful? God help us.


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