It all started with a friendship bracelet (which are apparently a big thing with Swifties) that Kansas City’s NFL Hall of Fame bound tight end Travis Kelce fashioned — with his phone number incorporated- when he learned that his pop-music crush, four time Grammy Album of The Year winner Taylor Swift, was going to make a stop at the Chief’s Arrow Head stadium this past summer during her Eras tour.

Travis failed to secure a meeting with her after that show, but as any Defensive Back or Linebacker in the league can tell you, Travis is hard to bring down anywhere near the goal line. Taylor eventually got the bracelet and Travis got the girl… once he made his feelings about her known.

Taylor began showing out at Chief’s games in September, hanging out with his mom and dad and cheering on her BF and his team.

The NFL even leaned into the swirling sensation attending the new power couple, hyping Taylor’s attendance at the games and making an unabashed play for the perhaps heretofore underserved community of “Swifties”… which numbers more than 200 million strong on Instagram.

And last night, while at a tour stop in Buenos Aries, Taylor made the romance very public changing the lyrics of some of her songs – to acknowledge their relationship- and then rushing off the stage to jump into his arms and plant a big smooch on her lucky man.

“Forget Instagram official — Taylor Swift just made her romance onstage official.

The singer gave fans everything they wanted at her Buenos Aires concert on Saturday by acknowledging her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce through the power of song. The football pro was in attendance when Swift concluded her three-hour show with a “Karma” lyric change directed at him.

“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me,” Swift sang with a laugh.

Fan-captured videos show the audience reacting with predictable cheers, with one lucky onlooker filming Kelce’s awestruck reaction as he stood in the VIP section with the pop star’s father, Scott Swift (an Eagles fan), who was inexplicably sporting a Chiefs lanyard as he applauded Kelce after catching the reference.”

Travis’ reaction to the lyric change was documented on Swiftie Twitter:

And the kiss seen round the world was also recorded for history…

As President Joe might say this is a big f-ing deal folks.

Taylor Swift is a blue dyed in the wool liberal and has vowed to activate her legions of fans to get out the vote against the mango miscreant next year.

If she pulls this lever, her fans will more than counteract any support bled off by Manchin and Stein:

Now, if ya’ll will excuse me, I’m gonna go download Taylor’s latest 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

Being more of a classic rock, Motown and Blues fan, I may be a little late to her game.

But one good spin deserves another!

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  1. I really don’t care one whit about Taylor’s politics; I simply loathe her as a person.

    And her rerecordings are simply because she made a bad business decision at the start of her career, having apparently ignored the DECADES of very public experiences by artists before her, artists like George Michael and Prince–the latter of whom actually went so far as to rename himself and featured an album cover with the word “slave” written on his face–not to mention the countless, mostly African-American, singers, musicians and songwriters who sold their works for literal pennies and never saw any royalties from their work. The big blowup with Ticketmaster was also HER fault for not giving enough lead time before deciding to announce the tour to her fans but did Taylor accept any kind of responsibility? No. It was all the fault that Ticketmaster and Live Nation have such a large portion of the US concert market. (Did she really think having a half-dozen different companies running the concert market would have been any better? She apparently whined enough that Congress started making rumbles about “investigating” Live Nation’s practices. But, just remember when you’ve got a possible fanbase of 20 or 30 million people all trying to buy tickets AT THE SAME TIME, it won’t matter if you’ve got 1 company or 10 or even 100 involved in handling sales–the network is going to get overloaded no matter who the artist is if they only give a day or two’s advance notice for a tour schedule.)
    If anything, I just hope that Travis can handle the inevitable rage directed at him when the romance goes down the tubes (because it WILL be HIS fault–just like every other failed relationship Taylor’s had over the past 15 or so years). Hell, a couple of Travis’s exes have been attacked by the “Swifties” for trash-talking TRAVIS and all because, he’s “Taylor’s man” now and nobody is allowed to say anything that might be seen as anti-Taylor no matter how tangentially it may be.

  2. If Ms. Swift can GOTV then she’s Ok in my book (no, I don’t listen to her music–just isn’t my thing). Seriously, she influences a LOT of young ladies so if she can get them to get to the polls or get their mail-in ballots–hell that’s certainly not going to hurt progressives and progressive causes.

    Let’s just hope that when she and Kelce part ways, and she doesn’t keep a guy long (good on her-wtf should she), it doesn’t f*ck his game. lmao


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