The Iowa Caucus is mid-January, approximately six weeks from now, and for reasons that are not quite understood, Donald Trump is practically living in Iowa these days — as is Ron DeSantis. It makes sense in DeSantis’ case. He believes that winning in Iowa is the equivalent of a launch pad for a rocket and he’s going to soar to national prominence. Even if he doesn’t defeat Trump for the 2024 nomination and become “DeFuture” then he’ll be teed up for 2028.

That’s the back story, in any event. That’s what DeSantis tells himself, while in the real world, his campaign and its finances are collapsing around him. Trump is a different story, though. He’s spending an incredible amount of time in the Hawkeye State. And he looks like hell. He’s got the makeup slathered on, what’s left of the hair is glued in place like a helmet, and he’s puffy and red eyed. Take a look at this.

He definitely doesn’t look well. And as usual he’s got the players confused.

He did not receive the endorsement of Black Lives Matter, but like all things Trumpian, once he gets a notion into his head, no matter what the opposing evidence is, he just runs with it.

And a cheap shot to the grieving Jimmy Carter.

Look for this to continue all month. DeSantis has Governor Reynolds’ endorsement and that may swing the bat for him. Ted Cruz won in Iowa as well, in 2016, and you well recall how the rest of that year played out.

I find myself wondering what the 2024 GOP convention will be like. Again, going back to 2016, you had entire delegations storming out of the convention. Iowa was one of them, Colorado was another one. I remember a delegate on the floor who was so frustrated that he took his lanyard credentials off his neck, hurled them to the floor, and stalked off.

It was a surreal scene, with smoke machines and booing. It set the stage for the strangest election in our history and here we go again. Trump’s only means of income right now is politics. He’s shifting money around when he’s been ordered not to do so.

He lives in a world where the minute he takes the oath of office he’ll dismiss all the cases against him — except that’s not going to happen. Here’s a clip from Friday where a former prosecutor said that Trump’s regaining office was not going to work like some magic wand and make all the legal cases go poof.

Desperation is the watchword for 2024. Trump is desperate to survive. He’s got problems coming at him from all directions. He needs a miracle.

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  1. Ah, yes. “Beautiful.” Just the word that is most appropriate when describing a funeral.

    And, “Everyone was nice, very nice.” Gee, I’m surprised. I thought funerals were supposed to involve fist fights and hair pulling and name-calling. But Donald set me straight. The people are “nice, very nice” at a funeral.

    • Somewhat ironically, fist fights, hair pulling and name-calling are involved only at Trump family funerals.

      I heard that’s what people say.

    • Trust me when I tell you conflicts do sometimes happen at funerals and things get out of control. I know this from both personal and professional experience. Raw emotions and long-held resentments can boil over. Hell, at my mom’s visitation it came within the blink of an eye of happening with me and my mom’s brother. I was only 18 and though a little taller not as physically imposing as him. When he grabbed my arm to drag me towards her casket (it was open despite her wishes to have a closed casket) I looked him dead in the eye and asked him if he had any more use for that arm. He went pale, and I balled my left hand (I’m a lefty and he had hold of my right arm) and had every intention of knocking him on his overbearing, self-righteous ass and twisting that arm right off his goddam shoulder. He let go and suddenly backed away. Just in time. (there was a long and bad history) But although things didn’t devolve into violence I’ve seen it happen. Given how some act in public I can only imagine what they do at home!

  2. He sleeps how much at night? 4 hours? 3 hours? 2 hour increments? He only reads what has been written – for the most part. I hope the media keeps after him. Make him look stupid. He hates that. Irritate him. Frustrate him. Look for the early morning tweets. His health will continue to deteriorate! Yay us.

  3. trump’s eye puffiness, and everywhere else, has been a theme of his since he became a little-fisted fatty. Some days it’s not as bad as others but he has the puffy eyes of an old fat person.

  4. Jimmy Carter is a happy man? What the ever lovin’ f*ck? The man is old, dying from brain cancer,,and just lost the woman he adored. Yeah,,I’m sure Jimmy is into break.into a like Dick Van Dyke at the end of Mary Poppins Returns.

    And every time I think Donald Dimwit cannot be more stupid, crass,,and unempathetic, he proves me wrong.


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