Leadership of the GOP Conference under Liz Cheney was the main topic of conversation at a special House meeting Wednesday night. At that meeting Marjorie Taylor Greene got up to make a quick speech defending herself — and we assume, her batshit space laser and Parkland truther theories — and she was greeted by a standing ovation of about half her comrades.

I tend to think that Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower, H.W., the lot of them are rolling in their graves right now. Maybe not. Maybe they saw it coming.

Rick Wilson sure did and he didn’t miss a beat. He pointed out that Marjorie Taylor Greene walks scot free, zero accountability, because she is the darling of MAGA, QAnon, CT, and most of all the Mango Monarch at Mar-a-Lago. Liz Cheney, by contrast, faced formal censure for voting to impeach Trump and sticking up for traditional values.

The metamorphosis of the GOP is now complete. “Crazy as an outhouse rat in a sugar cane field,” to quote Wilson, is now the standard to strive for if you want A) fame, B) instant standing C) bullet proof status and power right off the bat. It’s all about endorsing the idea that “Hillary Clinton eats the faces off of babies in a pizza parlor.”

I’m no defender of Liz Cheney, not with her spotless pro-Trump voting record and her support of the Keystone Pipeline, not to mention a plethora of other things. But if I had to make a choice between the two women on a sanity and characterological basis, Cheney is the obvious pick. But that’s not the choice the GOP is making. And that’s because they believe that Greene is the choice that the voters are making.

And what that says about both America and the GOP is horrifically frightening.


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  1. And they didn’t even take Liz Cheney down. Final vote total was in her favor and not even close. AND it was all secret ballot too, for fear of reprisals. The GOP is broken.

    • The GQP has been broken for a number of decades! The GQP has been about maintaining power so that they could line their pockets and do the bidding of their corporate and wealthy owners! Its just that before they did their best to hide what they were doing, now its has come out in the open, especially in the last 4 years.

  2. In a clip Greene said she “was allowed to believe the lies” from Qanon, Trump and right-wing propaganda. As if she were a victim with no agency and as if people like me were not all over right wing sites civilly (some far less civilly) pointing out the facts with links from primary sources. She believed the garbage because she chose to believe it. I do not buy her “regret,” but any number of Republicans will say with their vote tomorrow that she “learned her lesson.”


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