Oh, man. There is naive, there is tone deaf, there is oblivious, and then there is Nikki Haley. She takes the cake. Haley appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show and they talked about abortion. And here are Haley’s glad tidings. This, ladies, is why you want to run out and vote Republican. And register now so that you can vote in the Republican primary and get Haley on the GOP ticket. This is the kind of enlightened thinking you want in the White House.

Look at her! She’s serious! And Bartiromo is just nodding along, “yeah, that sounds great. Don’t get too progressive now.”

The thing that’s amazing about the GOP is that they just can’t seem to get the message that the voters are sending them. Even in red states like Kansas there have been votes to keep abortion legal. Overturning Roe was not the great victory the Supreme Court thought it would be. It’s a disgrace. And the states have made that clear. Voters have made that clear. But the GOP can’t seem to get it. Okey doke. If and when 2024 turns out to be 2022, 2020, and 2018, redux — and a lot of Republicans are worried about this — don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Eventually there will be another Republican in the White House. The pendulum of politics moves back and forth like a metronome. Anybody rational knows this, that one party is in power and then the other party is, and then back again.

The problem here is that the GOP has been consumed by MAGA and Trump. And getting that back in the White House is an absolute recipe for disaster. MAGA is fascism — although Ron DeSantis has his own version of fascism, since Donald Trump is still and always will be MAGA’s messiah.

Let’s see what the next debates hold and who climbs the ladder to become the second in command to Trump. Or the understudy. Everybody on the last week’s debate stage, with the exception of Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence and Chris Christie, who know they’ve got no chance to be VP, is auditioning for the number two spot. DeSantis said he wouldn’t take it, but you know the truth. Or, by some miracle, they’re thinking Trump will be removed from the picture and they will get their shot at the price. One would think that beating a quadruple indicted rapist wouldn’t be that hard, but we live in 2023, and things are a bit unusual.


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  1. The silly twit has no chance-either of getting elected as prez or getting on someone else’s ticket as v.p. so why is she even being interviewed? Talk about a waste of air-time that some idiot watching the show (why? who the f*ck knows why) will never get back.

  2. An enlightened GOP won’t kill me. Wow, that makes me want to run right out and sign up. Except for the wee little fact that there is no such thing as an enlightened GOP, never has been. Long before they became maggats, they were still the I-ME-MY party, I got mine, screw you, party. They are the party of the big spenders, the 1%, not the 99% of the rest of us. Nope, sorry Nikki, no sale. Why don’t you go find yourself a conscience, maybe a soul while you’re at it.

  3. She raised her hand to support Trump no matter what. She’s a liar, a fascist, and another ‘conman’. If I were a woman,(and I do have six daughters/stepdaughters), I would be incensed at a woman standing with these morally bankrupt idiots, stripping women of the autonomy over their lives. Hell, I’m incensed anyway.

  4. So they’ve softened their policy from ludicrously unresponsive to voters to either just ludicrous, or just unresponsive.

    But still unappealing, how republican of them.

    They’re so caught up in their little RWNJ world, they’ve completely lost touch with ordinary people.

    At the election they’re doomed to discover that ordinary people vote too.

    And there’s a LOT more of them.


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