In between the GOPer “monkeys flinging poo” segments of their flop of an impeachment hearing this week part of what exposed the whole affair as a complete sham was that unlike the Republicans on the panel who just wanted to make up talking points on the fly, Democrats came prepared. Some of the Democrat’s epic takedowns you’ve read about here and other places. Seen clips. Awesome stuff to be sure.

However Gym Jordan’s Oversight Committee is part of this whole impeachment “inquiry” shiite-show too and he’s got all kinds of issues with Hunter Biden who was a successful attorney who specialized in brokering international business deals. That’s why his partners in his law firm suggested him to Burisma in case you didn’t know.  Whatever one wants to say about Hunter Biden’s personal life and struggles he made a lot of money as a lawyer because he was smart, hard-working and focused on a financially lucrative part of law.  Not that Jordan thinks any of that matters.

In any case, as Meidas Touch Network reports after McCarthy announced the House would have an impeachment of Biden (via his son Hunter’s business dealings) Democratic Rep. Mike Garcia asked why the House had no interest in looking at the 2 Billion Jared Kushner got from the Saudi Public Investment Fund six months after Trump was out of office.  The article notes Garcia made his case by pointing out:

  • Kushner pushed his way into a job in his father-in-law’s administration with no experience.
  • Kushner prioritized pushing out the Secretary of State in order to “cozy up” to the Saudi Government.
  • There are records of a $110 billion arms deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that was inflated at the direction of Kushner.
  • Months after Kushner’s departure from the White House, the Saudi crown prince overruled his own investment advisors and sent $2 billion into Kushner’s companies’ bank account.

In this Newsweek article during Jordan’s House Oversight Committee Hearing on Thursday Democrats made it clear that Kushner was far more deserving of scrutiny than Hunter Biden which of course was what Jordan wanted the committee to focus on. After all:

Six months after Trump’s departure from the White House, Kushner secured a $2 billion investment from the Saudi Crown Prince despite objections from the fund’s screening panel about the merits of the deal. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman overruled the panel. The investment was made in his business Affinity, a private equity firm.

However, as Rep. Garcia said  “This is a man who was put at the head of Middle East policy in the White House.”  So, when it came to Kushner:

Democrats argued this was worse because Kushner worked in government, while Hunter Biden has never held a position in the White House. Garcia said: “We also know that Hunter Biden never held any sort of public office, and there is no evidence that he ever influenced any kind of policy in the White House.”

Well, ole Gym HE GROPED ME COACH wasn’t having any of that, and chose to polish the Kushner turd by noting  “I would just add to the gentleman’s remarks that Jared Kushner was a key player in the historic Abraham Accords!” I can’t speak for you, but Jared who was tasked by Trump to “fix the Middle East” didn’t fix things so much.  It’s every bit as bad if not worse than it ever was.  And as for Jared’s “expertise” for being put in charge of all that let’s just say his “credentials” were a wee bit thin as noted by a writer for Intelligencer.  I remember not feeling all that reassured when Jared told us he WAS an expert because he’d “read books on the subject.” Wow.  In an interview with Sky News Arabia he explained nepotism didn’t factor in and he was the right man for the job. From the article:

I’ve been studying this now for three years. I’ve read 25 books on it, I’ve spoken to every leader in the region, I’ve spoken to everyone who’s been involved in this.

Leaving aside the issue of what books and how much he learned from him let’s as the writer did tackle the talked with everyone who’s been involved thing.  The writer points out that knowing any deal would be highly favorable to Netanyahu’s demands and screw the Palestinians they rejected Trump administration overtures. So Jared didn’t talk with any of them. Kind of important omission when it comes to the “everyone involved” part of Kushner’s claim.  Oh, but it gets better!  In an interview CNN Host Christiane Amanpour claimed:

former Israeli officials involved in past peace plans, like Yossi Beilin, admonished the new framework, Kushner dismissed his kind as “random individuals who don’t have a lot of say or maybe knowledge.” Perhaps if he had paid closer attention to his own 25-book syllabus, he would have known that Beilin was a key figure in the back-channel deals that led to the 1993 Oslo Accords, the agreement that brought Israel and Palestine closer to peace than ever before, or since.

This is already longer than I’d like so I won’t even get into the issues surrounding another Middle Easter government’s investment fund (Qatar where we have a crucial base) in a roundabout way bailed Jared and his family’s real estate business out of their impending bankruptcy due to Jared’s boneheaded purchase of 666 Fight Avenue in Manhattan for tons more than it was worth.  Quatar officials claim they had no idea Brookline was doing what they did with Kushner. Sure. Yank on the other leg – it’s got bells on it. ( You can read about that here )

The point is the corruption and sale of access to a President by Jared Kushner is staggering. Let’s not forget that Jared was shot down by the professionals for a security clearance but Trump, who sadly had authority as President to do so forced them to grant Jared the highest level of clearance. Not only that, Jared put himself on the list to receive a copy of the Daily Presidential Brief. WTF? I wonder if at some point Jack Smith team will be looking into KUSHNER and highly classified information! Somebody should.

Jordan? Nope. He’s no more interested than he was back when he was a college wrestling coach at Ohio State and had dozens of athletes under his charge come to him about the team doctor. He ignored them, and he’s ignoring Trump and his son-in-law now.

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  1. Of course he is! The question is & shall remain, what did Jared give the Saudi’s, for the 2 Billion?? IMO, an investigation to find out, must be initiated…NOW! America has the right to know!

    • Well, unfortunately, as long as the GOP retains control of the House, there won’t be any investigation into Jared’s dealings. And with the Senate as tight as it is now, the GOPers would fight any and every effort (and Manchin and Sinema would likely make ridiculous–even unrelated–demands for their support to launch an investigation).

    • One of the Senate committees has opened an investigation and you can bet Jack Smith and the US Intel Community want to know if Jared sold secrets to the Saudis (which of course he did).

  2. Chasing down Hunter Biden (who probably did do something criminal, just not worthy of a Congressional probe) while ignoring the oil- and blood-soaked Saudi money in the hands Jared and Ivanka Kushner-Trump is like the police chasing down some kid stealing hubcaps while ignoring the armored-truck robbery and shootout right in front of them.

    • The only criminality Hunter Biden has to his name is having a gun for 11 days without mentioning on the form that he was an addict – and NOBODY has EVER been convicted of this! – and being late paying his taxes which were paid in full plus late fines well before he was indicted for that particular misdemeanour. After more than FIVE YEARS of investigations, no other criminality has ever been found so why do you think he’s a criminal?

      • By your own admission, Hunter Biden DID commit a crime. Quoting you, “The only criminality Hunter Biden has to his name is having a gun for 11 days without mentioning on the form that he was an addict.”

        If no one has ever been convicted on a crime, that does not automagically purge it from the law books. Previous lack of prosecution of a criminal statute is irrelevant to criminality.

        No one has been prosecuted for what Jared and Ivanka Kushner-Trump did. Are you saying that they’re not criminals for the same reason Hunter Biden is not a criminal? Or do you believe in Trump’s ‘two-tier justice system’ bullshit and his lies about a weaponized DOJ?

  3. Correction: it was Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia (Long Beach) who raised questions about Kushner. Rep. Mike Garcia (Santa Clarita) is a Republican.

  4. Push and pull, once again, GYM JORDON has scraped hjs knee and wants Mama to kiss it and wrap it up with a homemade bandage …

    He is NOT EVEN A LAWYER, makes desperate attempts to show his authority, makes other House members, primarily DEMOCRATS, suffer through his barrage of stupidity, charging things of smoke filled rooms as truth, just to distract from his own history of kid’s abuse that should be hung around his neck, like the albatross already there …

    His reaction to being hung out to dry by our champions in the House, just grab your bundle of documents on the desk and walk away …

  5. Is this guy the dumbest fuck on the planet? I know, I know, don’t answer that. He is at least in the top ten. We know he is both deaf, dumb and blind when he did not know what was going on in his locker room. Kushner is hoping we all forget that 2 billion in blood money but it probably won’t go away. Maybe the Mossad will pay Kushner and Gym a visit and show them what happens to traitors.


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