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I have to hand it to the reporters at Axios. I can hardly get through one day of Trump’s verbal brain farts without treating myself to an hour long brain bleach shower to prepare for the next day’s assault, but they did a deep dive and compiled a full week of Trump’s verbal atrocities, for proper context.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into the nonsense and mental depravity that make up the inner workings of Glorious Bleater. I strongly recommend that you check it out, if you have the stomach for it. And while I don’t want to hijack the entire 12 count indictment, there are a couple that I just want to highlight as being beyond the pale, even for Traitor Tot;

He heckled Robert Mueller, both before the former special counsel’s testimony (tweeting “why didn’t Robert Mueller investigate the investigators?”) and afterwards (“Robert Mueller did a horrible job”).

You know, they call it a “Friday night news dump” for a reason. Most politicians, when confronted with upcoming uncomfortable news, try to fob it off late on a Friday night, hoping that nobody will notice it at the bar. Even though it was a Wednesday, the concept is still the same. Leave it to His Lowness to give Mueller star billing to slam him, only to run the risk of people paying attention to see how terrible Mueller was, only to be caught up in the seriousness of his testimony against Trump. What a jackass.

He infuriated the leaders of Afghanistan after noting that “if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth.” Afghanistan officials demanded a clarification.

This is not just casual, almost offhand stupidity, and not only the stuff of an unnecessary international incident, but it poses a potential life and death threat to American soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. US troops aren’t exactly being greeted as liberators over there, with flowers and parades. I can only imagine US local commanders being pointedly asked by their Afghan counterparts if said counterparts should skedaddle for Pakistan if the US troops ever pull out.

He suggested investigating Barack Obama’s book deal: “Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked at me … Let’s subpoena all of his records.”

This shit is almost too easy, I’m going to get lazy if this keeps up. So, Trumpenstein was actually running for President when he falsely claimed that Obama “wiretapped” him, which was “totally unfair,” and now he wants to investigate the kind of a book deal that a private citizen negotiated? Hmmm Maybe Maxine Waters should have her committee take a peekie-see at what kind of financial malarkey went into Trump negotiating The Art of the Deal? Why not, right?

He kept attacking four Democratic congresswomen of color, tweeting that the group was “a very Racist group of troublemakers.”

This one is potentially dangerous, and it’s accelerating. I honestly believe that Trump dredged this up as a distraction for Mueller’s scheduled testimony before congress on July 17th, the timing fits nicely. But it proved to be so wildly popular with his socially retarded base that it has taken on a life of its own, including legitimate fears for the safety of representative Ilhan Omar. And now it has expanded to include House Oversight chair Elijah Cummings and his constituents, and Trump’s Tommee Tippee crowd is lapping it up like a kitten with a pint of cream. The problem for Trump is that it only highlights Trump’s flagrant racism for everybody else in the country who is still capable of tying their own shoes, and chewing with their mouths shut.

He charged that social media companies “censor opinions” and “decide what information citizens are going to be given,” and claimed his supporters have told him “they make it so hard to follow you.” (Go to Twitter, look up @realDonaldTrump, and see if it’s hard to follow him.)

*Sigh* What. The. Fuck?!? Despite its popularity with human bottom feeders like Alex Jones, it should be the last hill that Donald Trump chooses to die on. Because it takes only the most fundamental abilities of deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that if the social media giants had done even the most rudimentary job of so much as monitoring their content, much less censoring it, Deer Gropinfuror would have almost certainly never gotten the 77,000 votes scattered across three states that put him in the White House in the first place, since the social media giants would have immediately censored the fucking things!

Well, that’s enough of this unfettered insanity, and more than enough to spoil your weekend. But if it does nothing else, it should prove conclusively that President Trump’s entire governing strategy as commander in chief consists of ignoring anything reality base that is happening, and bitch loudly and endlessly about every little thing that pisses you off. Welcome to Trumpmenistan folks.

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  1. Everyone I know is shaking their had and going “He sounds like an angry toddler.” The racist attacks on Omar and now Cummings are really scary. The thing about Obama’s book deal was just loopy.

  2. I log on this morning and I see that Trump has don it again, only this time he’s literally insane: he’s now attacking …. Pelosi’s district as “failing badly”?

    Does this man have any concept of ANYTHING going on ANYWHERE in this country? Now, if I believed he recognized that the district had become so upscale and expensive that people like my cousin, born and raised in San Francisco, were forced to move out of state when their rent-controlled apartment because uninhabitable, then I might give him benefit of doubt. But we all know he didn’t mean that. My sister lives in Pelosi’s district. It’s hard to imagine a safer, more economically vibrant area.

    I just hung up on leaving a message for my spineless senator, Rob Portman, telling him that if he does not immediately condemn Trump’s attacks on entire regions and groups of Americans just because he doesn’t like their political leanings, then Portman is one of those “good Germans” who claimed not to know what was going on.


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