This is what happens when you let the imbeciles go to the mall for a field trip. With asylum credit cards. The next thing you know, your Amex bill rivals the GDP of Saudi Arabia.

This Mel Brooks version of A Nightmare on Elm Street has been 50 years in the making. When the Supreme Court decided Roe v Wade, it was basically game over for the GOP as far as their bestselling fundraising tool with the far right Evangelicals. After all, legally Roe was now settled case law, with Supreme Court precedent.

But the far right Jesus wheezers are notorious sore losers. Banning abortion was their Holy Grail. And if the GOP wouldn’t fight for them, then they’d just find somebody else who would. So the GOP, as used to running grifts as Traitor Tot, shrugged their shoulders and pulled a PT Barnum. Give the suckers what they want. Shout, bellow, put up useless show bills displaying you haven’t given up, and watch all that lovely long green roll in, along with the votes. It was all a con.

Until suddenly it wasn’t. Due to a perfect storm of circumstances, Roe v Wade was overturned by the train wreck SCOTUS. And for the national GOP, once that happened, as I like today, A funny thing happened on the way to the Quorum.

The decision to overturn Roe was a national disaster for the GOP. This wasn’t 1978 anymore, abortion was now far more popular than unpopular nationwide. And while their racist, sexist, anti LGBT attacks were shrinking the party, the Evangelicals were all they had left. And worst, the decision left them with no national control, it sent the abortion issue back to the states.

Over the years, for GOP incumbents in deep red rural districts, the Evangelicals were the fount from which all goodies flowed. They had to actually sell their loyalty, the Evangelicals weren’t that stupid. So they basically became true believers. And if you think that a spineless wimp like Squeaker Cave-in McCarthy is going to whip an anti abortion GOP member into line to shut up, you need an intervention.

But it’s been 10X worse on the state level where the action is. State legislators in red states are totally beholden to their religious right for their jobs. These states are getting into WWE cage matches to pass the most severe abortion restrictions possible. And the GOP is getting crucified in the polls. Abortion cost the GOP a wave election in 2022, and it’s on course to sink them again in 2024.

But here’s the McGuffin. Due to their craven cowardice, the GOP not only no longer has control over the message, they no longer have control over the issue! Because the mental midgets at the GOP and RNC went so soft that once Roe was overturned, the Evangelicals no longer need the GOP at all. Because the issue is no longer political.

Now, when it comes to abortion, as well as LGBTQ rights, that’s what the courts are for. And all of a sudden, there is a whole cottage industry of dark money funded shadow organizations that are scouring the nations courts for suitable victims of discrimination of their freedom of Religion to take to court to try to ram through more restrictions and loss of liberties fir people they don’t like. For instance;

  • After the coronation of Amy Coney Barrett as the supermajority conservative vote on the Supreme Court, there was an avalanche of various state cases filed trying to be the one to get in front of the SCOTUS. A great deal of research went into finding the case with the best chance of getting to SCOTUS. Which means coordination
  • A far right GOP mega donor and operative, with strong anti abortion views went shopping for a few amenable Evangelical doctors to cobble up a lawsuit trying to overturn the FDA’s authorization for the most commonly used abortion pill, one safely in use for almost 30 years. Hell, Viagra is more risky. Then they went shopping for a sympathetic cow county judge in Texas to get the ball rolling
  • It was another far right shadow group that almost literally wrote Texas’s notorious SB-8, turning private citizens from anywhere into anti abortion bounty hunters for anyone who tried to help a woman gain an abortion. Then they found the right cow county judge to hear the original case and get things moving to ban abortion pills
  • The first group hunted up some dimwit web developer in Colorado, and set their sights on LGBTQ discrimination. The dingbat filed a lawsuit claiming that she had had a gay couple come to her to design a wedding website, and she had declined due to the fact that their lifestyle violated her personal religious freedoms. One small problem. There was no gay couple, the whole thing was a hypothetical. But the SCOTUS did no due diligence, an violated their own rules by running on a hypothetical case

This is going to be a huge problem for the GOP going into 2024. Not only can’t they get their on caucus in line on a unified message that won’t kill them, but they now have a renegade army of equal rights mercenaries out there, desperately trying to take advantage of a 6-3 Supreme Court to roll back every civil rights gain of the last 50 years. And every single thing that they’re pimping is pure poison to a general election populace. And there isn’t a goddamn thing that the GOP can do about it. Stand up and take a bow, fools! 

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