It finally dawned on me a few days after GETTR launched that it wasn’t saying “Get Her” or “Gutter” but rather Get Twitter. GETTR got a lot of tweeters involved in its launch because it claimed that GETTR users could import their tweets from Twitter into their GETTR timelines. Wrong. Twitter just threw the monkey wrench into that notion and Jason Miller is on the warpath.

Here’s the part that’s clipped off.

This is yet another impotent and toothless threat from Trump world against social media.

Now, concurrent with Twitter’s decision and perhaps related to it, is the fact that QAnon has shown up on GETTR in full force.

QAnon is definitely a terrorist group. It’s apparently adopted GETTR as its main mouthpiece. Now, that could cut both ways. Since GETTR has already been hacked and information that people stored there disclosed, the FBI and anybody else who’s interested, for that matter, now knows who is identifying as part of QAnon. Another way this could go, is that GETTR is so flat out inept that it’s not going to be of too much use in rallying the troops and this is all armchair warriorship at best.

Remember, when Trump and cohorts were putting together January 6, they had Facebook and Twitter. The voices of the crazies had quite a bit of range. That’s all been cut off now.

That said, don’t think for a moment that I minimize the destructive power of QAnon. I think the adherents to that philosophy are severely disturbed people and capable of anything and I use January 6 as exhibit “A” to that proposition.

The direction that both Trump and QAnon are going now is that 2021, or certainly 2022 or 2024 is 1776 redux and “patriots” must rise up to retake what was taken from them. It’s sick and it’s irrational, but again, we saw what happened at the Capitol. Don’t underestimate these thugs, particularly when they’ve go the backing of the GOP, because Trump still has the GOP by the throat.

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  1. That image of a slim trump, and the one on that van that has his head on Rambo’s body just further illustrate how deep into a fantasy these idiots are but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. The worst part is trump has the GOP by the throat because those ethically and morally challenged a-holes only care about keeping their cushy jobs and/or advancing their political careers. It makes me want to cry – sometimes I even do.

  2. They don’t seem to understand that Twitter is a business and can do that, just as Amazon could block people linking to its pages, if they wished.


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