Georgia Republican Says Founders Came to “Destroy American Indians’ Homes”


Saying the quiet part out loud. Twitter was not as appreciative as her Trumpist audience.

And my personal favorite:

The soul of our nation will never heal as long as this cancer gnaws at it.

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    • College? Even in high school, we were taught that the Pilgrims (who, incidentally, came to the Americas more than a decade after the first successful English settlement) did NOT accept others’ religious beliefs–not even if those others were other Christians. The Pilgrims who had very Calvinist beliefs had fled England for Holland a few years before Jamestown was established because they felt the Church of England (aka the Anglican Church) had too many “Roman” (ie, Catholic) elements. They ended up leaving Holland because their expatriate religious community was becoming too “Dutch” (especially the kids who had no ties to England except their parents) and Holland was, while remaining fairly Calvinist in religious terms, also more welcoming of non-Calvinist Christians than the English community felt was acceptable. So they headed back to England until they learned of the opportunities that “Virginia” afforded. Virginia had been established as a COMMERCIAL venture, first and foremost, and didn’t really give any particular concern to religious activity; if you wanted a strictly Calvinist settlement, just establish one a few miles away and run it to your heart’s content as long as you didn’t trouble the colony as a whole (the only real issue was that your settlement didn’t cost the colony as a whole any money).
      So, the English group who left Holland (not surprisingly, there were some English who actually stayed in Holland and assimilated into the larger community) and chose not to return to their old homes (again, some just wanted to settle down in familiar surroundings) decided to get a ship to carry them off to old Virginny (I know–a slightly misworded anachronism but it seemed to fit the line). Unfortunately, they got thrown off-course and wound up hitting the shores of old Cape Cod, eventually landing at the point we now call Plymouth Rock where they set up a colony based on strict Calvinist Protestantism. And, since the Cape Cod area has weather that is vastly different from that of the Chesapeake area, the settlers weren’t quite prepared for the difference and, if it hadn’t been for a group of natives taking pity on the newcomers, they quite likely would’ve died off after the first winter.
      But, once the Pilgrims did get fully established, they became, in effect, a kind of Taliban, punishing any and all who dared deviate from the “official” line–the most common punishment for those who simply wouldn’t learn their lesson and accept the dogma as dictated was “banishment” usually, accompanied by the threat of “we’ll kill your ass if you ever dare show your face in these here parts again.” (Of course, banishment was usually seen as a death sentence because you were forced out with almost nothing more than the clothes on your back and, maybe, enough food to last a day or two.)
      As far as the Native population was concerned, they didn’t really care about the newcomers until the newcomers became, for lack of a better term, “an invasive species” (much like the cane toads in Australia or kudzu and fire ants in the American South). The newcomers kept pressing in on and claiming territory the Natives had traditionally shared with everyone. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad but the newcomers had the audacity to fence off these areas and refusing to let the Native peoples do the stuff they’d been doing there for generations.
      I’m not really sure how much more a college class could teach this idiot that I learned in high school.

      • I wasn’t going to go into all that. But the basic version is that they wanted to impose their views on others, and they weren’t allowed to do that in either Britain or Holland.

  1. On a point of my own, I think it’s kind of odd that the Twitter responses have a weird display (at least for me).

    The first one, from “Ember Spotted Elk,” that has the Native in profile and headdress displays fine.
    The third and fourth ones, from “kidsrfirst” and “#1 Tool Fan,” display fine as well (of course, those are just comments).
    Even the last one, from “The Electric Rattlesnake,” with its Jesus and crown of thorns with a slightly provocative comment, displays fine.
    But, the second one, from “Robert Kurjahetz,” shows up with a warning of “The following media includes potentially sensitive content” with its little “View” button. When I click the button, it displays an image of Blaise Pascal with a quote from his “Pensées” about men doing evil most gleefully when religious conviction is involved.
    Maybe someone should send that, along with the Jesus bit, to Elon Musk and ask him why the Pascal quote is “potentially sensitive” but there’s nothing wrong with “Jesus” using the word “shit.” (I’d think, if anything, the situation should be reversed.)

    • I wonder about why the Pascal quote was singled out too but left in in because it is so apt, as your comment illustrates. Perhaps enough folks who agree with Taylor followed the thread and complained because it hit so close to home…

    • It’s a good point. I would be very surprised if anyone at Twitter knew how often “shit” is mentioned in the Bible but censored out or covered with a euphemism sucgh as “dung.” My very favorite (and hard to find because it was so covered over in translation” is Saint Paul saying tosomething to the effect of “If you have evil in you, shit it out.” I have absolutely no trouble with Jesus using the wqord shit as wwe use it today, as a synonym for nonsense. It seems to me absolutely in character. Jesus could be a very blunt messenger indeed.

  2. People over on that side of the pond very conveniently forget that one of the causes of the 1776 event was that the Brit government was very insistent that the inhabitants of the 13 colonies did NOT move westward and take over ‘Indian Territory’.

    But then, ‘manifest destiny’ as it later became known said that only white, god fearing even jellies were allowed to rule ‘from sea to shining sea’ (and that them injuns and goshdurn Mexicans had no right to be in their way – especially when there were lumps of shiny yellow metal scattered round)

  3. Not totally sure which God to call on? But! God help the State of Georgia if this twit becomes Gov. This just proves that the Rep. base will vote for anything wearing a MAGA hat. Pitiful, just pitiful!!


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