As I’m sure you know Matty Gaetz is counting down the hours till tomorrow morning and his taking away the Speaker’s Gavel from Kevin McCarthy’s weak, greasy hands. It seems this time he really will file a motion to “Vacate the Chair” and treat us all to an even worse shiite-show than McCarthy’s ultimately getting elected speaker in the first place. However according to this article published by Meidas Touch Network instead of McCarthy being gone from the Speaker’s chair Gaetz himself might be the one who’s gone. FYI they aren’t the only ones reporting this story. I didn’t read them yet but I saw headlines from outlets like Radar Online, Yahoo News and even the NY Post. (their headline includes “No One Can Stand Him”)

I’m fighting to maintain some common sense and perspective but I find the thought that Gaetz could get unceremoniously dumped from the House because his own fellow Republicans led the charge some of the best, most fun news one can contemplate. It’s impossible NOT to hope that fellow GOPers turn on Gaetz and ensure he’s gone.

From the House of Representatives. Expelled.

I’m not going to dig out what’s left of my Jack Daniels and drink a toast just yet but the very thought is simply too awesome not to hope that it actually comes to pass. It’s not like Gaetz has many friends in the House even among fellow Republicans. Not even all of the “Freedom” Caucus seems to care all that much for him for that matter. So what the hell is going on? Granted, the title pic is from a DUI arrest that Gaetz’s rich and connected daddy got him out of but he’s faced rather more serious stuff since then. Sex with underage gals and for money including across state lines. In the end the U.S. Attorney didn’t bring charges. If I’m not mistaken they had (as you might imagine) reluctant witnesses.

Anyway, although that particular investigation fizzled out the House Ethics Committee investigation has slowly and quietly been chugging along. If what’s being whispered is correct they might well come back with findings of guilt in which case House Leadership will apparently quickly pounce on as a way to remove Gaetz from Congress. It takes a 2/3 vote of the House to expel a Member. Democrats would of course gladly take that step, and if reporting can be believed support is growing on the Republican side that would get at least half of them to go along and that would be that. Gaetz would be FORMER Representative.  From the linked article:

Republicans, especially those around Kevin McCarthy are furious at Gaetz after he has spent the past ten months obstructing their non-existent agenda. Gaetz was the driving force to shut down the government, and even voted against an extreme piece of legislation meant to cut massive portions of the federal government.

It goes on to note that in the hours after the vote to keep the govt. open (for now) and all day today Gaetz has been running around talking up his plans to oust McCarthy and it seems that’s not going over so well. Look, over in the Senate Ted Cruz long ago cemented the position of “most hated Senator” (even by his colleagues) and it has seemed at times Gaetz wants to secure the same status in the House. As a badge of “honor” I guess, one that he could use to raise mega bucks. He might wind up falling victim to “Be careful what you wish for” Syndrome.

As I said this is still at the rumor stage. Still, every now and then Karma decides it’s time to toss some a-hole who desperately deserves it into the wood chipper. Let’s hope this becomes one of those times!

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  1. As much as I would welcome Gaetz’s expulsion, I’ll believe it when it happens. McCarthy only has a 3 or 4 vote margin at the moment. Santos will probably be on trial by Spring 2024, if he doesn’t plead out before. You never know when someone is going to get sick or for whatever other reason is no longer able to serve. Qevin can’t afford to lose anyone, even PITA Gaetz. It is amusing, though, that his fellow republicans detest him so much that they are even contemplating this.

  2. May the Democratic Party in the house use some of the logic discussed in other Speaker votes, and just vote “present” on the ethics charges? Then the Reupukes could get rid of Gaetz all by themselves. Downside is it would look like the Rs are doing something intelligent.

  3. Gaetz is nothing but a spoiled rich kid , he has nothing to offer. We know he’s not too bright and I sure hope Florida has enough sense not to make him Governor .

  4. I was gonna ask,”Someone is more loathed than Cancun Cruz? Really?” but I guess it is a tie.At least MTG loves Matty, as a consolation prize.

    • I’m not so sure about that. I found a picture I recall from way back that makes one wonder what Santos said as he was pointing. MTG sure ain’t happy! My guess? Something to the effect that “You’re going to need a serious boob job if you want Trump to make you his running mate. Btw I know a guy…”

      george mtg


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