It’s that time again – time to remind our American furriends to put all their timepieces back an hour today for the end of daylight saving. From the Furkids point of view, this means they get an extra hour of sleep today.

They had a song ready too. This one is for their berry speshal Aunt Sarah who’s such a big fan of The Rocky Horror Show that she named her son Frank – the Furkids LOVE that she did that!

So, in whichever time zone you happen to be in, just press play on the jukebox, scroll down to the illustrated lyrics with all the dance moves and sing it out!

You can buy the Furkids a frothy kofi for $3 or €3 at All proceeds go to the Furkids’ computer repair fund – we’re nearly there! The Furkids want you to know they choose oat milk and love licking up their frothy moustaches! Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors.

Wishing an awesome November to all supporters who love us as much as we love you!💗


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  1. Oh Michelle and Furkids, I didn’t know how bad we needed Rocky Horrir until you brought it to us.

    Let’s all throw toast at the theatre screen (proper spelling of “theatre” compliments of my Canadian friends) and enjoy this welcome blast from the past.


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