As we bid farewell to the old year and greet the new, there’s no better song for the occasion than the Scottish traditional, Auld Lang Syne, for the old days.

In the cusp between the past and the future, the Furkids affectionately remember furriends and their servants who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge before us as we raise a cup of kindness to the loved ones with whom we share our hopes and dreams for 2024.

Now, who shall we ask to sing it… has to be a Scotsman… let’s ask Rod Stewart!

The Furkids love the frothy Catmas milkshakes at They want you to know they choose oat milk and love licking up their frothy moustaches! You can treat them to their favourite frothies for $3/€3/£3. All proceeds go towards the new computer fund (to replace the old desktop that died during a thunderstorm). Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors. 💝 💖 💝


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  1. Thank you so much Michelle.This has to be the loveliest FurKids ever. It truly brought a tear to my eye.

    Blessings on you and the FurKids in your new home. May 2024 be you best year ever!

  2. {{{Michelle}}} Gone ahead or, most thankfully not yet, the Love is ever there. Healing Energy, skritches, & moar {{{Hugs}}} to the Furkids, to you, to Ms. Loula safely home.

  3. Oh my! The Stewart video all by itself made me tear up. Then, you just had to go and add my favorite gone celebrities and their loving babies! Do you receive a kickback from your local tissue franchise? 😉 You should…you’ve earned it! Thank you and Happy New Year! 🥳


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