The Furkids first heard “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” when their Auntie Marti played it for them – it’s one of her favourites.

Next thing I know they’re insisting that I move our entire schedule forward a week to fit it in! I am but a humble servant of the Furkids team so the schedule was duly amended and a blank spot cleared for Sunday, February 25th.

I found a copy of the song for our jukebox but then we had a bit of a problem: Fred Astaire only sings for the first half of the song — what was I to do with the second half of the recording which is entirely instrumental (it being rather too difficult for Fred to sing while twirling Ginger about the floor).

But the team had a solution, bless them. They’d write their own version of the lyrics for the instrumental half of the song. There followed quite a lot of noisy collaboration – I left them to it until they were ready to present me with their final ideas. I did have to “tidy up” their lyrical suggestions a tad (“My lub fur yu is never bleak; I lubs ya coz you’re such a freak” was lost to posterity).

They are very excited for you to hear their creative efforts and brought me Kenyan coins for the jukebox. (Apparently they were acquired as tips during a photographic safari.)

Now it’s your turn – just press play then scroll down through the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

Furkids love the frothy milkshakes at They want you to know they love licking up their frothy moustaches! You can treat them to their favourite frothies for $3/€3/£3. All proceeds go towards the new second-hand desk fund. The new computer is up and running – yay!  Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors. 💝 💖 💝


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  1. So lovely. The Furkids did a wonderful job improvising where the lyrics were missing.

    Us older folks really appreciate the magic of Fred and Ginger and Hollywood of that era. Thanks for bringing it back for a moment.

  2. The CODA about Linda and Doshi is very special. Of course a zoo animal would love to have companionship and a reason to get up in the morning…don’t we all?! I do not like zoos, at all! I have been a zoo docent and have visited some of the best and they just cannot overcome the innate desire to not be caged. I even saw a keeper treating a large animal like a sideshow and visitors laughing as though it was entertainment! I came away heart-hurt. 💔😢

  3. Loved the Kitty that moved into zoo with the Lynx, beautiful for them both….Furkids is a wonderful reminder of how important all animals are to balance this crazy world….Much love Michelle….blessings to you and Loula


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