Yes, my email address is part of the chyron on Lindell TV. That’s the strange story you’re about to hear.

Talk about deja vu. If this isn’t a glitch in the matrix, I don’t know what is. April of 2021 I managed to piss off Mike Lindell something fierce. He trashed me to Roger Stone. That video tape was later pulled from YouTube butΒ not before Jimmy Kimmel put together a supercut of Lindell screwing up my name. That was my fifteen minutes of fame. Thank you, Mike.

Fast forward to June, 2022. Lindell still can’t pronounce the Germanic name, derived directly from the Latin for female bear, Ursula. It still comes out Yersoola. Although he did segue from Faw to “Fay” when he asked his sales desk if “Yersoola Fay had ever bought a MyPillow.”

Then he goes on to have my piece read line by line.Β The piece which so inflamed him is from yesterday, the story about Lindell’s pillow empire collapsing so he’s going into the MyCoffee business.

Here are excerpts and you can listen to this entire mess below if you feel like it. It exhausted me to listen and I was the source of his angst. Lindell can wear you out, as you know. But this is classic.

“Maybe Ursula doesn’t watch anything but Fox News. Maybe she doesn’t know there’s election crime. Why would Ursula write such horrible, rotten things here?”

“She definitely is a godless, empty soul and she needs to be prayed for. She’s disgusting the stuff that she puts in here. No, I’m going to all lengths, Ursula, to get rid of the machines in our country so we can have an election again in our country, instead of a selection, Ursula. Let me tell something, I’ve spent over 30 million dollars and I don’t care how much I have to spend, Ursula. This isn’t to make money, I’ll tell you that, Ursula.”

I can’t unsee what I saw, I can’t undo what I know. Ursula, you know what Ursula? You’ll probably be the first one, no you’ll probably be the last one to apologize to the country for what you’ve done, because obviously you have deep rooted issues. Umm.”

Absolutely, I’m the one with mental problems and I’m the one that needs to apologize. The other party to this argument has, by his own admission, spent 30 million bucks on the fantasy that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and he’s about to be bankrupted by Dominion and Smartmatic, but he’s tightly wrapped and I’m unglued. Okey doke.

Then Lindell tells Brannon Howse to scroll down and he continues reading the piece.

“Now here comes the attack on Christianity. ‘You can listen to Bakker and Lindell blather about their version of Christianity.’ Ursula, there’s only one version of Christianity, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Whoever so believes in me will have eternal life. You remember that, Ursula? Maybe you should get back in the bible, Ursula.

Jesus died on the cross for you, Ursula. And for me. And for everyone. What do you call that when you blast Jesus, Brannon? (Answer from the shadows: “blasphemy.”) This is an example, I want all you journalists out there..

He drifts off. Then he blasts Jimmy Kimmel for mocking MyStore as Scamazon, a few years back. He wants Kimmel to apologize for that and as for me? Well, Sir. I have a tall order of an apology. I have to atone for, “what a horrible thing she did to our country to these entrepreneurs to and my employees and to God and blasphemy.”

I’ve got news for you, Ursula, I’ve been in the streets. Have you? I’ve been in the streets but I’ve never panhandled.”

Then Brannon Howse points out the bottom line of this and all pieces here on PolitiZoom, “consider supporting the site” and they agree that’s panhandling. Ha, ha, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw had nothing on these two. And actually, there is a resemblance. Wilde and Shaw were wits, Howse and Lindell are half wits.

Then Howse trashes a Daily Kos article from 2018 that got reblogged on It’s calledΒ “Evidence Mounts That Russia Covertly Swayed Brexit Just Like the U.S. Election.Β 

Interesting they picked that article. It ends with a comment by Adam Schiff about the extraordinary parallels between Brexit and the Trump campaign. I quoted Schiff then, I agree with him now.

Lindell ends up by ordering his troops to come after me on my email and on PolitiZoom and on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the full tape, if you can stand listening to it. My part starts at 38:25 and then goes on for eighteen minutes, if you can believe it. You got the highlights above.

Now, are you ready for this? After Lindell ordered this social media attack of massive proportions against me? I got 14 nasty emails. I even checked spam and there was only one there.

I got one insult on Twitter, otherwise I gained five followers and some compliments and support — which are always welcome. I do what I do because it’s a labor of love.

So a total of 15 nastygrams on Twitter and gmail, zero here at PZ that I’ve found, and nothing on the Ursula Faw Facebook page, which is broken and only had six followers to begin with. Balance that against the compliments, followers, and now I’ve written down this madness and I’ll take it to the bank.

Do share this article far and wide my friends. I want as many clicks on it as possible. Or put a synopsis of it on your social media feeds. Living well is the best revenge, as they say. And Lindell will go batshit when he sees this piece doing well. We’re laughing at you, Mike. All of us. Every Democrat who has ever heard your name thinks your a flaming lunatic and a total joke.

I would say you’re crazier than the shit house rat, but the fact is, the shit house rats have taken to saying to the crazier ones among them, “You’re crazier than Mike Lindell.” Did you know that? it’s true? Shit house rats read a lot because, you know, toilet paper isn’t used in those places but newspaper is.


Let me know when you want to go another round in the ring, Mikey. I’m game. I’m always game. Squeak, squeak. I’ll bring a cheese plate next time.


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  1. You need to duck Ursula – eider he’s down to his last pillow padding or he’s quackers (where’s Howard when you need him)

    But then he stuffs his pillows with bits of foam plastic so none of the above would apply

    But you did insult his forthcoming covfefe launch

    Seriously, if he had brains he might be dangerous

    • There are lines in the internet world. I write opinion pieces on Mike Lindell. If he doesn’t like them, that’s fine. But telling his minions to send me mean tweets and emails is pretty fucked if you think about it. That’s harassment, there’s no other way to put it. He’s getting all the kids to gang up against me. And as long as it’s illuminated pixels and ideas, I don’t give a shit. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too weird, because I’m not going to put up with him, either. I never thought I’d be in a war of “wits” with a nitwit, but here I am.

      • On the other hand, Ursula, you can’t BUY this kind of publicity and this dummy is giving it to you for free. I admit to questioning your going after him constantly but you obviously hit a nerve. It must really burn him up that you’re one of the few people still paying attention to him.

        • I don’t pull it from the sky, Bareshark. The clips I publish are posted to the internet. And I’m not the only blog doing it.

      • But, but, we are all supposed to cower in fear of an attack by the super pillow man (or something – I think being nibbled to death by a duck is a greater danger)

  2. Mike Lindell is a very good man. He’s been through the ringer during his life…read his book. God gave him this platform. But when someone writes lies about him then he has every right to be upset. He did probably say some things in the latest FrankSpeech spot that he should not have said; he was upset but again, Ursala started it so he’s responding. He’s been cancelled more than anyone because he speaks his mind. And yes the election was stolen! I support him 100% and so do millions of Americans and people worldwide. His products are excellent. Yes, he does ramble. I think what he would really like is a face to face discussion with Ursala. I’d love to see that. Have a blessed day!

    • I’ve been known to ramble myself. What I don’t do is ramble on about stolen elections and my irrefutable “proof” and then never provide any. People with training and credentials from computer stuff to lawyers got their bullshit thrown out of court over and over again because there was no “there” there. Often by judges (and Justices) appointed by Trump himself! As for me who has had my share of chronic bouts with insomnia during my six-and-a-half decades there’s a reason why I haven’t wasted money on informercial stuff I’ve seen while channel surfing. I’ll leave that at that. Now, regarding a face-to-face discussion be careful what you wish for. Ursula probably has enough sense to pay attention to the old saying about avoiding getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. But in a neutral forum she’d leave him in a sputtering pool of spittle on the floor.

    • If you want to set up a “sit down” as the big boys in the hood call it, with Mike Lindell, that’s fine by me. The entertainment possibilities are enormous.

      And I didn’t “start it.” Lindell is one of the mouth pieces of this stolen election fable and as such he’s eroding democracy. I know you people will never see the simple truth for what it is, but that’s it.

  3. ok, I probably am helping you a tiny bit by even acting on this. It needs to be done, don’t know if you are old enough to understand. This world has morphed into anarchist heaven in left political circles and must be corrected. We 15+ million veterans, especially we combat veterans swore an oath and speak for each other willingly, until you act mature and use 3 credible validated independent sources when putting out anything publicly you are never going to be given any credibility as the media rules were in the days of serious journalism. I was a real life intelligence reporter at NSA for 7 years and need no accolades or validation from the left, my credentials are solid. So either keep on spreading junk or grow up. Have a great American First day.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion. YOUR opinion. But do NOT go claiming the mantle of speaking for all, or even most Veterans! I too swore that oath both as a Marine and later as a civilian employee. It was to the Constitution of the United States. The CONSTITUTION! Not the flag, and certainly not a specific individual, much less a traitorous piece of shit like Donald Fucking “What else can I do for you Vlad?” Trump. If you truly believe that this very moment Ukraine wouldn’t be another province of Russia had Trump still been in office when Vlad sent Russians in to take over that country then thank god you are no longer in government service. As for the Trump Russia investigation, remember that Rod Rosenstein snookered everyone! After that initial Mueller authorization he issued a new, second one which has never been redacted to fully explain what he changed about the initial mandate. But what we DO know is that as a result Mueller was supposed to (and did) hand off Trump/Russia related stuff so it could be forwarded to the FBI. And Wray was informed that Mueller would be looking into those connections. As a result NO ONE in the government was doing any actual meaningful (as in following up on shit) investigation of that stuff! THAT is why that part of it fizzled.

      Anyway, as I said speak for yourself. I know there are Veterans who agree with you. Quite a few in fact. I ALSO know there are Veterans like me who vehemently DISAGREE with you. And yes, quite a few in fact.

    • You are quoting textbook journalism for the use of anonymous sources. That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here. Where did you get your journalism degree, the University of You Tube. I have two degrees, one in media/journalism and one in law. I know the rules of opinion pieces and I know the libel laws.

      Look at the tags on the top of this piece. One of them is “opinion.” About 75% of what I do is opinion pieces. Lindell accused me of criticizing his employees and his new business partner, the ones with the coffee beings. I didn’t say word one about them. I spoke only of Lindell himself. And he is nuts. I’ve been maintaining that for years and will continue to maintain it.

  4. So, Ursula, to paraphrase a famous quotation made by a respected observer of politics, was being attacked by Mike L. anything like being gummed by a newt?

    • Hi Ilywrch,

      Long time no see! Welcome. There is a scientific debate, believe it or not, as to whether newts have teeth or plates, that they use to grind their prey into their palate. I don’t think Lindell is that complex an organism. I think Lindell is a reactive blubber ball and if you listened to his tirade against me, for twenty minutes, he just raves. He doesn’t have a cogent analysis of anything. But then, if he did, he wouldn’t be pushing the Big Lie snake oil, now would he?


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