Former Missouri Senator and current MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill took to the airwaves last night with Ali Velshi and MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin to refute the Dotard’s gaseous claims that his well deserved civil fraud trial in New York and his self-initiated proceeding considering his rediculous assertion that as a former (R)esident he has blanket immunity for any crime he has committed – or, for that matter, will ever contemplate committing – are “forcing” him off the campaign trail and somehow, in his own fever swamp of a mind, constitute election interference.

The truth is drumpf just wants to attend these proceedings this coming week to grandstand and preen for the cameras knowing full well that more TV face-time, and more whining about the injustice of it all, will only help him his base voters in Iowa.

Which McCaskill and Rubin deftly pointed out:

Huffington Post

“Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Monday busted Donald Trump’s claim in a recent fundraising email that he’s being “forced off the campaign trail and into courtrooms” this week.

Trump will be the subject of two developments in court as oral arguments start Tuesday when his attorneys will argue presidential immunity in his election interference case and final arguments begin Thursday in his civil fraud trial in New York.

But McCaskill, appearing in her role as an analyst on MSNBC, pointed out Trump is “attending these events not because he needs to, not because he has to, not because it’s in his legal best interests, but because he wants the coverage this week leading up to Iowa to be all about his narrative that he is a victim of government weaponization against him, that ‘They’re trying to keep me out of office, they’re trying to keep me from fighting for you.’”

Leaving aside for a moment Trump’s lie that he is fighting for anyone else other than himself, his political future, and his chances to avoid federal lock-up, Lisa Rubin makes it clear that drumpf’s presence at the trials is in no way obligatory:

“They’re not obligations,” said Rubin. “In fact, in none of these circumstances does former President Trump have to attend at all to the extent that he and his proxies are characterizing these as requirements or obligations.”

And McCaskill further explained what the Orangeutan is really up to:

“Trump is “looking at the Iowa caucuses as his moment to definitively become the nominee,” she said.

“We’re going to talk more about these events if he’s there, and he knows that,” McCaskill continued. “This is all political strategy on his point, it has nothing to do with his legal peril. It has everything with him wanting to become president. Because you know what? These arguments he’s making in front of these federal judges, if he’s president it all goes away, he waves a wand and there’s no more federal prosecution against him, no more convictions against him, nothing.”

You can watch Claire and Lisa slice and dice the overcooked Trump steak here at YouTube:

At this point, after all of Trump’s lies and obfuscation, one would have to be freshly bounced off a turnip truck somewhere in bum#### Iowa to believe anything that comes from his fetid piehole.

But Iowa primary voters, and their allegiance, are the only thing Trump has on his mind this week as he looks for a big win there to staunch the momentum of Nikki Haley.

Trump can only look one move ahead on his checkerboard – and preening for Iowa voters on television is his move this week.

But how will all this play next November?

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  1. Iowa…a state of corn fed white people…I’m not surprised a virulent racist party carries the day. Trump…racist…Ronny white gogo boot preyingmantis…racist…the lady who was governor of the racist state that fired the first shot in the Civil War, and who denies the war was about SLAVERY…racist! This country has a RECKONING on the horizon.

  2. Even if he wins the Iowa caucus, doesn’t make him the nominee. If he wins the nomination, does not mean he will win the election.

    • If he wins the election, it doesn’t mean he will be president.

      The 14/3 does noy preclude him from running for office, just attaining that office.


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