For the media, it’s “The land of confusion.”


There’s too many men, too many people, making too many problems. And not much love to go round. Tell me why this is the land of confusion   Genesis, Land of confusion

One of the small perks of tuning into FOX News once in a while, other than seeing if Jason Chaffetz’ and Tucker Carlson’s arrest warrants have come through yet, is watching the hosts tiny little Murdoch soaked minds struggle with the simplest of lucid thoughts, until their heads explode like a mosquito whose stinger gets stuck in your arm.

I hope this may just be a one-off outlier, but I fear that the mainstream media, led in this case by MSNBC, may be about to struggle themselves with the simplest of concepts. Chris Jansing led off a segment today by saying, “Joe Biden is leading the Democratic primary field, and by a lot, but are the polls masking a lack of enthusiasm among his voters?” Followed by a GOP strategist who said, “I’ve spent days in Iowa, talking almost exclusively to Biden supporters, and not a single one of them was what you could call enthusiastic about voting for him.”

OK, now I’m the one whose struggling,  my little head spinning. What is so damn difficult about the above situation? For almost all of my adult life, the #1 political axiom has been Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. Yes, Democrats want liberal ideas and programs, but they want George Clooney to have them, not Steve Buscemi. Meanwhile, the current GOP President looks like the rough artist’s sketch for Hellboy, and Evangelicals are as happy as pigs in slop.

What is it about this simple political reality that the mainstream is struggling so mightily with? When the GOP will accept pretty much anybody whose conviction isn’t under appeal to appoint conservative judges, when the Democrats do it, it’s like satellite photos suddenly confirmed the fact that the world is flat!

It’s not like they haven’t had sufficient warning that this was coming. Almost from the opening polls, Democratic primary voters have shown a strong majority in that their #1 requirement in a presidential candidate was one who could expedite Trump’s new career in modeling orange jumpsuits. They are even willing to vote for a Democratic candidate with whom they have serious differences on core issues, as long as they send The Mango Messiah packing. So why are they so stunned when a Biden supporter says, “Is Biden my dream choice? Pffft! Not likely. But I know what I’m getting with Joe, and at least he doesn’t want to put up condos in Tora fucking Bora!”

My advice to Chris, and the rest of the nattering nabobs in the mainstream media? Get used to it. Back in 2017 Indivisible used the Tea Party playbook to put town hall pressure on GOP legislators to save healthcare, among other things.That worked so well that in 2018, we used it again to flip 40 seats in the House. Why is it so inconceivable that we would do a Bill Belichick and steal another page from the GOP walk through, and actually start to give a shit about electing the candidate we want to do stuff for us. It’s a brave new world out there!

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  1. Remember The Temptations? When it comes to confusion and today’s political climate & just about everything else their classic tune Ball of Confusion seems awfully up to date.

    • Just a note: While the Temptations did perform the song, the real credit should go to Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, the guys who actually wrote the song. (They also wrote a number of other great Motown songs including “War,” “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” “Just My Imagination” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.”)


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