Trust me, this lead in will make sense in a couple of paragraphs. Let’s say you’re feeling down, kind of racy, and need a laugh. Then an Andrew Dice Clay concert is just what the doctor ordered. Hell, one of his shows was actually titled Rude, crude, and in the mood. The one I saw at the Las Vegas Hotel show lounge was titled Putting the SIN back in Cin City. Yeah, I’m a Dice man, so sue me.

But what if your buddy gets tickets to a comedy marathon starring Andrew Dice Clay, Chris Rock, Howard Stern, and Eddie Murphy? The only word for it is overkill. After all, how much sleaze can one person take? It’s like binging on a 2 lb box of chocolates.

With that in mind, Sweet Jesus, have you seen the projected GOP composition of the House Oversight Committee? Let’s start with the likely Committee Chair, far right GOPtard and bomb thrower Tom Cole of Oklahoma. Now let’s scan the camera down the GOP side of the Dias, and fine Machine Gun Marjorie, Gruppenfuhrer Paul Gosar, and Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz. This is the payback from Howdy Doody McCarthy’s dirty back room double dealing. Is my previous comedy comparison starting to make sense?

This is why I want every investigative House Oversight hearing with live witnesses covered gavel-to-gavel on CNN and MSNBC. Because after all America, this is your government at work. Your tax dollars being pissed down the drain. Might as well get the full body immersion.

This history is already there for what happens when you let the inmates run the assignment, and it ain’t pretty. The Teabaggers and far right loonies are still busting their buttons with pride over the success of their last oversight committee hearings. Yep, you guessed it, benghazigate! Today’s GOP still looks at Benghazigate as the gold standard for oversight investigations. What could go wrong?

For those of you with a memory span longer than a six week old puppy, the Benghazi hearings were a national nightmare for the GOP. The GOP inquisitions screeched like howler monkeys, while the Democratic members of the panel asked calm, concise, probing questions that brought out the facts. And after multiple years of investigation, and millions of dollars of taxpayer money, the committee’s final report made no criminal referrals, laid no blame, and recommended no new procedures or rules to prevent a repeat performance. However the hearings did win an Academy Award for the Longest running exercise in abject futility.

Brother, if you liked the benghazi hearings, you’re gonna love the House Oversight committee hearings. And all you need to know to believe me is two simple things. First, the GOP House isn’t interested in either governing, legislation, or legitimate oversight investigations. The MAGAt House GOP is totally committed to the permanent minority majority rule of gerrymandering and the FUX News bubblesphere.

The second reason is the main players on the committee on the GOP side. Cole, Greene, Gaetz, Gosar. These are not legislators. What these are are performance artists, and these committee hearings are their stage. Their two goals are simple, and self serving, Facetime on FUX News, and fundraising! These are the only two things that motivate them, they’re allegedly political rock stars. But FUX News only has so many minutes set aside on a broadcast for a lousy bullshit Oversight committee hearing. So it’s every man for him or her self.

Here’s how it figures to shake out. The GOP committee headliners, as desperate as a 3 year old with a new baby in the house, will each take their turn in screaming out brainless accusations and Q-Anpn conspiracies to try to garner the headlines. Meanwhile, the Democratic members of the committee will be quietly rebutting the GOP drivel, and asking sane, coherent questions meant to bring out the evidence that everything the Biden administration did was straight down the middle and effective.

But here’s the McGuffin. Screw FUX News. No matter how you cut it, a House Oversight investigative hearing is still news. And as such, even if it isn’t covered gavel-to-gavel, the mainstream media will have to cover it, including local network outlets on the nightly news. And what the majority of Americans will see over dinner, or before bedtime is a mob of drooling maniacs off of their medication, followed by quiet, serious Democrats asking serious questions and getting serious answers. What could go wrong?

And just think, we’re not even getting into Gym Bag Jordans nonsensical Weaponization of American Government Committee here. That’s grist for another mill. But suffice it to say, for the next six months, while most Americans are scared shitless about flying off of the debt ceiling cliff, and their retirement cushion 401k’s becoming worth as much as a bunch of Haitian penny stocks, the GOP House committees are going to give them Hunter Biden’s laptop, Biden Democratic overreach, and Biden’s stolen documents. Again, what could go wrong?

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  1. I believe the right wing nut job James Comer (Rclown-KY) is set to be the chairman of this doomed committee. He has his own skeletons (domestic violence, abortion re: college girlfriend), so he may not be as successful as hoped.

  2. I haven’t done hallucinogens in decades. I may have to indulge while watching the baboon troupe screech and bare their teeth. That way I can use my tried and true self talk like I did back when things really got off the rails…two things I always reminded myself…hey I know this is weird but I’m on drugs and it will end eventually. Watching it straight may get me into yelling at the TV. I got my fill of that during Trump. Who knows? I may get some interesting face morphs watching ms Greene turn into an angry reptile or Jordan into a giant maggot. Gaetz would be Beetlejuice and Gosar would be revealed as an insect alien hiding in human skin. McCarthy may morph into gumby. It may help. As Charlie Chaplin once said: a day without laughter is a day wasted. Better that than grieving.
    Oh. And I don’t remember the GOP covering the fact they cut funding for protection of foreign ambassadors prior to the event. Guess they forgot.

  3. Quite right that this Trumpist scum is not legislators, but calling them ‘performance artists’ is an insult to the real thing and artists in general. I prefer ‘performing seals’ or ‘performing puppets’ although your term ‘howler monkeys’ is probably most apt.


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