Fire Up The 25th Amendment. And Fire Those Doctors!


OK, fuck it, this is just ridiculous. 2:30 PDT on a Sunday afternoon, and out of nowhere, and for no previously announced medical or logical reason, Trump’s motorcade crawls out of the front driveway like they’re trying out for the role of the tortoise in the race with the hare. Nobody had the slightest idea of where it was going, back to the White House, Front Lawn, a KFC run? What was going on?

It turns out that the Jackass in Chief saw on television that there was a mob of brainless slobs across the street waving Trump signs, so he decided to go on a drive by, and give them a cheap thrill. That’s all it was, Stupid needed a pseudo group hug through the window of the car.

How is this humanly possible? Trump is a positive tested, symptomatic, walking, talking coronavirus sprinkler system. Any of you guys ever have the mumps? Chicken Pox? I did, and I had a brother two years younger than me. In my mothers house, quarantine meant fucking quarantine! My world consisted of my four bedroom walls, and the bathroom. It didn’t matter if it was 80 degrees outside, I wasn’t sitting on the porch with a book, much less going for a spin. And here’s Trump, out cruising the strip in a Sunday afternoon, looking for pity. What the fuck?!?

This is nothing short of obscene. Forget the fact that everybody who was in that vehicle with Trump is now under mandatory quarantine for the next 14 days. They didn’t just pull that Suburban through the doors, and into his room. Mask or no mask, Trump had to walk through hallways, and take an elevator to get to his car, and then reverse his steps when his selfish ass got back. Trump has potentially compromised the sterility of everyplace he went.

There’s no longer any choice. The trigger has to be pulled on the 25th Amendment. In his actions today, Trump fully displayed his complete inability to make a sane, responsible decision on an important matter. Trump’s ass is bored silly in the hospital, so he used his authority for a day trip of pure self indulgence, placing all those around him in danger. What’s he going to do next? Order the Marines to the Olduvai gorge to restore order to the dig sites? The man’s judgement can no longer be trusted, if it ever could.

But I’m just as pissed at the idiot doctors who let Trump pull off this bullshit stunt in the first place. Last time I checked, if you go to the doctor, it’s the doctor who is in charge. If you tell your doctor to go and pound sand over a proposed course of treatment, that normally means that the doctor isn’t treating you anymore. Home you go, good luck, and Godspeed. And that was the only sane course of action for Trump’s medical team. If Trump insisted on his little jaunt, he should have been presented with a form to sign checking himself out, and returned to the White House for continuing treatment there. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who can trace their Covid back to the hallways of Walter Reed after Trump’s passage should be allowed to sue Trump’ medical team for malpractice. And there should be ethical sanctions coming down the pike from the medical association as well.

It’s not like this should come as any kind of a shock. Trump put his full instability on display last Tuesday night in the debate, and it turned his 8 point deficit into a 14 point deficit in the NBC poll. Biden opened his lead in the category of judgement. Trump has lost whatever tenuous grasp he ever had with reality. It’s time to pull the plug before something happens that can’t be undone. Enough is enough.

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    • The last few months of a prison term can be the hardest. But I heard it said that there are only two days you should do on those: the day you go in and the day you go out. The day we go out is real clise now.

      • And it’s killing Trump, because as much as he hates this job, he hates the very likely 20212 perp walk that much more!!!

    • Ohm I know…But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve stgarted to suffer fools less gladly…And THESE idiots not at all…

  1. He needs doctors who aren’t subject to his whims/orders. I don’t think there are *any* government docs that are not.

    ETA: I feel sorry for all the Secret Service agents who have to work with this dipshit.

    • I saw a news story yesterday saying they are pissed at him. Quite a few have gotten Covid and they attribute it to his fucking rallies. And now this. He can refuse their protection after he’s out of office and put Keith Schiller back in charge, but I rather doubt he’s going to be able to afford a real, proper professional 24/7 detail once prosecutors are free to really crawl up his financial ass! I love the smell of RICO in the morning – or the NY State version of it.

      • My friend, one of the things I still LIVE for, is the delicious thrill of watching that perp walk when NY state finally catched up with him…

        • I hear you! Btw, even though it’s nowhere near as important to me as it once was seeing our beloved Cubbies flame out the way they did really sucked! What the hell good are distractions from all the important stuff that’s so bat-shit crazy to the point of frustrating and depressing if the distractions themselves create still more cray and disappointment?

    • More importantly, do you think that the agents who are on his detail draw straws before going out to see which one or ones have to be closest to him?

      I mean I know the members of the Service are supposed to be “professional” and not let their personal or political feelings towards the person they’re guarding influence or affect that protection but you know there just HAVE to be days when the guys on the Trump detail wake up and seriously ponder the idea of just retiring (even if they just started working for the Service in the past few years).

    • THAT’s what pissed me off so much!!! Fuck the donors at that fundraiser, let ’em fend for themselves…But the Secret Service has no CHOICDE…And that was no n95 mask he was wearing…He just turned every hallway and elecator into a possible contact zone…Even Capone didn’t go out with the overt intention of fucking people over…That was Manson…

    • I don’t believe there is such a thing as a doctor who isn’t subject to his whims. Heck, anyone can fire a doctor – you don’t have to be in a position of authority to do that – that’s where the term “AMA” comes from. The best we can hope for is one or ore doctors who will tell the truth (and get fired.)

  2. Three and a half more months, Murf…we always knew this stretch would be the toughest. But if they’re disintegrating this badly this soon, it means that we’re beating them.

  3. I wonder if this may have been a “final wish” sort of thing. He might be so ill the doctors want to put him on a ventilator and he insisted in one last “rally” with his adoring fans. Farfetched? Possibly, but the fact is we really don’t have a clue how ill he is.

    • I don’t think so…If he were that ill, there is no way that he could have managed that video, no matter HOW many takes they took, and no way the doctors would have let him out of the suite….

  4. I turned on the news for a while writing this afternoon and saw that. I couldn’t believe the people covering it were speculating some on whether he was headed back to the WH. IF he’d been going by vehicle any of them with an ounce of brains would have known it would be in “The Tank” – the Presidential limo. No way in hell they’d make the drive from Walter Reed to the WH in anything less. I’ve literally been down that road and know what I’m talking about. So from the moment it began it was nothing but a “soak up some love from my fans and show everyone I’m fine” stunt – they should have been saying so all along in the coverage. Like you I couldn’t help but think of the spaces he passed through in the hospital itself, and especially about the Agents trapped in that vehicle with him.

      • They could have gotten him to Walter Reed faster by using it in the first place. Yes, Marine One always has people on standby but even if the crew was right there at Anacostia (possible given the circumstances, even likely) it still takes time to preflight the bird, and then for the crew to go through their checklists and then fly to the WH and do that long, slow hover, turn & set down and then power down the engines and wait for the blades to stop. So why did they use the chopper? Visuals. Trump was scared as shit when they told him if he didn’t get to the hospital that day he might wind up being taken out of the WH in a wheelchair on on a stretcher so if he wanted to walk out it was time to make plans. I still say they gave him a shot of something to juice him up so he’d have plenty of energy to walk to the chopper. The whole “I’m fine” type of thing but I still say that the pat he gave to the rail with his right hand once he reached the top of the steps of the chopper was a “whew – I made it” thing.

        • Having suffered from Cocid 19, I can attest that being 20 minutes away from a toilet is frightening if you have GI signs. He probably rode the whole flight on the commode.

    • Maybe I’m wrong but didn’t Obama call the President’s vehicle ‘The Beast’? Seems I read that somewhere.
      It’s a helluva machine. Shame it’s wasted on you-know-who.

    • Wxcept that Trump has done exzctly this kind of shit before, even without COvid…There is supposed to be a rotating “press pool” that rides in the motorcade with him, wherever he goes…They were never notified…Trump posted that video about 1 minute before he went down to the motorcade, the press had NO idea of where he was going…

    • Thanks…I’ll go and take a look,,,But something that your support artivcle may not address…The fact is that multiple medcs that Trump is now on can cause lapses with reality…Not good for a guy with the nuclear codes strapped to his hip…

      • He hasn’t faced reality in his entire life. Nor does he do any actual work/job of presidenting.
        Keep praying for the second tier of actual sane decision makers in Govt….

  5. Trump has never had any judgment, good or bad. And he has never performed the job of US president, not for one New York instant! He has always acted like he was suddenly crowned with the divine right of monarchy. And for some strange reason, NOBODY has said Stop it!

    There have been MANY in “power positions” of one sort or another who have failed completely in their duties and responsibilities to Just. Say. NO! And THEY are the indefensible morons who DO know BETTER!

  6. I wish it were that easy to use the 25th Amendment. Pence and/or a majority of the cabinet have to make that decision and they won’t.

  7. Get Trump out, yes, but be honest . . . do you REALLY want to offer on a platter the chance to be president, even for a few weeks, to the radicalized reverend Mike Pence??


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