Republicans have had a tough time filling former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shoes. Kevin McCarthy tried to do that, but he didn’t even last 270 days, and according to CNN his was the third-briefest speakership in more than 140 years. GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (Florida) played a key role in McCarthy’s fall from grace by forcing a crucial vote to vacate the chair on the House floor. The vote was spurred by McCarthy’s working alongside Democrats to pass a short-term funding bill that averted a government shutdown.

Now we have Rep. Mike Johnson in the role of House Speaker, and like McCarthy before him, he’s not finding this to be smooth sailing. But he has an unlikely ally — McCarthy’s nemesis Matt Gaetz, according to The Daily Beast.

In an interview with CNN over the weekend, Gaetz said he’s been advising Johnson on ways to placate the Republican caucus’ stricter right-wing flank, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) who’s out for blood it seems. She filed a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair earlier in the month when Johnson pushed a bipartisan spending bill through the chamber that, again, like McCarthy before him, would keep the federal government funded through September.

“I gave the speaker some unsolicited advice—that we’ve got to get into a fighting posture. and I was very pleased with how the speaker received that advice,” Gaetz told CNN.

“The speaker wants to put wins on the board for house republicans, and we better start doing that,” gaetz stressed, citing the seemingly never-ending clashes between Republicans and Democrats over funding for ukraine. “I’m glad the speaker hasn’t rolled over to the $95 billion ukraine supplemental that the senate passed, and I think that he’s forging a better path on that issue as we speak.”

So…here’s a question: Is anyone tired of the GOP’s constant throwing monkey wrenches into the Ukraine situation? We’re trying to help the country stay on its feet. Republicans don’t mind squandering money on things that keep people down in the U.S. Things like banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory, banning books that help children learn about the LGBTQ+ community in a way that fosters understanding, and trying to prevent trans kids from getting the medical care they need.

I’m sorry but whether it’s Kevin McCarthy or Mike Johnson, they aren’t about to fill Nancy Pelosi’s shoes.

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  1. Well, this does make a bit of sense. If Kavin’ Kevin has access to some report that has the goods on pedo gaetz, he’ll want to try to get cover from the current speaker. Were I Johnson however, I’d make all the nice noises pedo wants to hear, take a look at the report and keep it handy for when it becomes necessary to rid himself of gaetz because unless Johnson is dumber than dog sh*t, and he may be, he’ll know trusting gaetz is a bad move.


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