One of the things that I had forgotten, speaking for myself, during John Fetterman’s battle with acute depression, is just how ffffing funny the guy can be.

Republicans always talk about wanting “real people” in office. They have, over the last eight years, celebrated ignorance as a virtue. It makes one “real.” No, ignorance doesn’t make one real, it makes one really ignorant. The way to come across as “real” is to be serious about one’s job and relationships, but not to take oneself so seriously as to be unrecognizable to the average person.

And John Fetterman is real, in part because he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

While in the hospital, the GQP insisted that Fetterman was in a coma, demanded that he be shown on video answering questions, and… that he had a body double. So what’s Fetterman’s answer to the conspiracy theorists?

From the Insider: Describing and quoting the video below:

“You know, during my time, during the hospital, the fringy fringies really came up with a conspiracy theory that I have a body double. And I just want you to know that’s just crazy. That’s not true,” Fetterman say in the video.

A split-second later, the body double John Fetterman — who is actually just Fetterman, for those fooled by the camera work — walks into the room from a side door and asks the “real” Fetterman what event he was supposed to be covering for.

“Dude. Really?” the real Fetterman responds and shrugs, while “Just the Two of Us” by Bill Withers and Grover Washington, Jr. plays in the background.

And here comes Q-anon!

You would think that the above is snark. No, it’s not. You can look at the @JasonRobergerVA personal profile. It ain’t snark. He believes it’s a body double.

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  1. Some people would rather hold on to insane beliefs than accept that the world doesn’t revolve around them and their associates.

    • To quote the musical 1776:
      “Most men would rather preserve the hope of being rich than face the reality of being poor.” It is followed by the song “Cool,Cool, Considerate Men.” It was written in a,show that opened in 1969. It describes the GOP perfectly. Nothing has changed except for the more intolerant, bigoted,and hateful to anyone but rich white Christian men.

  2. I can no longer say the word Republican without the word f*cking in front of it. F*ucking Republicans, idiots on parade, often and always.

    • I grew up in southern Illinois, less than ten miles from the Mississippi so I encountered tons of farm folks from on both sides of the river. And almost without exception when they said the word Democrat(s) it was preceded by the work “goddamn!” Even from serious churchy types who would admonish any other form of cursing including and especially “taking the Lord’s name in vain.” But I get where you’re coming from.

      • In NE there was a small beetle that would sneak into your house and cluster on the sunny windows, just like squash bugs do here in NC. My grandmother, a fervent Rooseveltian ironically used to call them Democrats. So I started calling them republicans. She was fine with that!


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