Explosive Devices Sent To Prominent Democrats, What Do You Expect When POTUS Gins Up The Rabble Everyday?


We are on the other side of the looking glass, wherein the Era of Trump is so singularly divisive and tribal that prominent Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros, are on the receiving end of bombing attempts. Washington Post:

The devices sent to Clinton and Obama are suspected to be the work of the same person who sent a similar device to Soros earlier this week, according to two law enforcement officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. Soros, an 88-year-old holocaust survivor, has funneled much of his fortune into liberal projects around the world, making him a frequent target of rhetoric on the right.

Based on the timing and the material, law enforcement officials suspect the same person is behind all three devices, and officials are scrambling to determine if any other such devices were sent to anyone.

The devices sent to Clinton, Obama and Soros were all pipe bombs placed inside plain manila brown envelopes with the addresses typed on stickers, according to a law enforcement official. The return address address on the packages is a known public official, but authorities do not believe that person is involved, the law enforcement official said.

This is not surprising. Hillary Clinton has been criminalized by Trump with the disgraceful “Lock her up” chants at Trump’s rallies. Obama used to be blamed for everything, and certainly George Soros is the darling of right wing media propaganda. Soros is credited with doing everything from paying protesters to blow up cars during the inauguration, to paying for “fake news” to be disseminated.

Mike Pence issued a tweet today saying that all this was cowardly, and the White House went on record condemning these acts. That is all well and good. What would be much better, however, is to cut the problem off at the source and that is Trump. If he wasn’t ginning up the mob at his rallies, which are more reminiscent of the Two Minute Hate rallies in “1984” then any kind of a political gathering; and talking about illegal voters, stolen elections, how the Democrats want to give America to the immigrants and his usual line of drivel, the lunatic fringe wouldn’t be getting excited. That is the process that needs to be curtailed. And there are no signs whatsoever that it will be. Trump is too invested in the power of his own voice to back down now from what gets him the cheers from the crowd. We can only hope that Trump indulging his infantile need to show off and get approval doesn’t result in tragedy.

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    • Since you asked, I’ll tell you my worst case scenario. I think that he’s going to make a joke out of the explosives in the mail. That would be in character for him. Now probably he’s been warned not to do so, but he goes off script all the time. I think he will again and be totally crass.

      • Yep. Nothing will be any different. There are some bonkers theories going on over at the other place. Quite a bit of CT freak outs.

        • CT is running rampant. One of Bolton’s buddies is saying that this is all a left wing false flag operation. Totally despicable. Hillary was wrong — these people aren’t deplorable, they’re despicable.

          • I cannot wish more for these two weeks to be over. Selfish, I know. My health already sucks, I am taking quite a hit lately. Emotionally, as well. Whatever happens, there will be years of struggle ahead.


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