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People these days, even those who should know, better, like political strategists and campaign managers keep referring to the modern version of the GOP as The Cult of Trump. And I can see that. But I no longer agree with it.

Because I see the modern version of the GOP as more of the Donald Trump 3rd rate Crime Cartel. There’s a real difference here, but nobody else is talking about it. In a cult, the members slavishly follow every instruction from Glorious Bleater with absolutely no consideration of their own personal well being or or motives.

But in a 3rd rate crime cartel, The actions of almost every single member are made purely for their own personal benefit. The Slob father, Trump, is nothing more than the vehicle that provides them with the protection to serve their own selfish needs.

Here’s what I mean. From day one, Trump ran what he thought at that time was a short term con. He used his campaign fund and affiliated PAC’s to secretly stuff his pockets. Trump got a cut of the souvenir sales at his rallies. This can’t be proven for the same simple reason that nobody could confirm that The Mob ruled Las Vegas, nobody is allowed into the counting room. Siphon off what you want, but just juggle the books to make the numbers work out. And Trump did it for four years while he was President.

Unfortunately for them, most GOP caucus members are not Trump. They don’t have that kind of long ago learned grift skill, and they don’t have the donor database or the internal operation to pull off that kind of a scam. But that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid, or without their own resources.

  • Machine Gun Marjie lets her racist, anti-LGBTQ freak flag fly, including threatening other House members, and gets slapped down and her committee assignments revoked. What does she do? Immediately sends out a text and e-mail blast her martyrdom for the cause, and raises money off of it.
  • HOP psychopath and world class neo Nazi Paul Gosar gets his committee assignments pulled for Tweeting out a cartoon video of him graphically killing AOC and President Biden. What comes next? What else? A text and e-mail blast confirming his martyrdom for the cause, and a desperate plea for cash
  • Pistol Packing Lauren puts out a campaign video, walking around the protective fence put up around the Capitol building post J6, loudly proclaiming MADAM Speaker, tear down this wall!, While the sound of an AR-15 firing off a round that ricochets around in the background. Text and e-mail blast for moolah immediately follows
  • When Pistol Packing Lauren’s property manager for her restaurant decided she was bad for his business, he notified her that he was refusing to renew her lease on an insane gun nut themed restaurant. What followed immediately? an e-mail and text blast screaming out her personal persecution at the hands of the liberals, and begging for cash

I could go on and on, but what’s the point? The entire GOP caucus, especially the House has been reduced to nothing more than a boiler room operation to soak the pigeons, under the benevolent graces of Don Cornholeone, who is probably getting to sip his beak as the old Italian mobsters used to say.

But here’s the funny thing. This mania is starting to grab onto people who aren’t even in the government anymore. But that’s not stopping them from cashing in on the grift. One of them used to be in congress, but isn’t anymore, and the other one is nothing than another cheap, 3rd rate grifter.

I don’t have to waste time going through the exploits of Pendejo Extraordinaire George Santos. A 3rd rate grifter who stole jewelry from a close female friend, fraudulently cashed checks from another close family friend, and stole $3000 from a disabled combat vet for treatment for his stricken service dog under a GoFundMe scam, Santos ripped off his way through two countries.

Which, thanks to the stupidity of GOP voters led to a single, abbreviated term in congress. Fueled by a 100% fabricated personal and professional history resume, Santos fleeced the suckers good. But his notoriety and flamboyance soon had the media looking at him closely, and a couple of weeks ago, his worthless ass got bounced out of congress.

Which means that George Whatever-his-real-name-is no longer has access to an election campaign fund, nor his Super PAC’s. And his legal bills are going to bleed him as white as The Shroud of Turin. So what does he do for cash?

Santos has always promoted himself as a fledgling Trombie, and now it’s time to cash in on the endless sucker flock. Santos announced that for his legal defense he is now offering personalized 60 second videos to the person named in the order for the ridiculously low price of $200! He is leaning heavily on his loyalty to Trump, and his personalized 60 second messages make great Christmas presents for the loyal Trump supporters on your list.

Sound familiar? It should. Diaper Donnie redux was never an actual member of the Trump administration like his sister and brother in law. He was too damn stupid, and Traitor Tot needed him as a front man for his legitimate businesses. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t get close enough to attract the attention of both the DOJ and New York authorities. The legal bills started piling up. Daddums covered him for a while by having the RNC pay his legal fee, but that dried up when the media got a hold of it.

What oh what is a worthless, ne’er do well, trust fund baby supposed to do to survive? What else? Go on OAN, FUX News, and Infowars to proudly proclaim that you are willing to offer 60 second, personalized video greetings for anybody and any occasion for a measly $500! How cool for your 10 year old to get a personalized video of a presidential scumbag son singing them Happy Birthday?

I’m sorry, but this is f*cking ridiculous! I can see the text and e-mail blasts mooching for cash, that’s what congress critters do all the time. And the criminal con flavor only adds to the appeal for GOP sheeple. It’s become the fundraising coin-of-the-realm for the GOP under Trump.

But tell me this. How do two 3rd rate, lowlife, career felonious grifters who have presumably never even met each other suddenly manage to come up with the same, lame ass telemarketing scheme to defraud gullible schmucks like offering personalized 60 second greetings for a ridiculous amount of money? I don’t know if George Santos copied Don Jr. or not, though I find it highly likely. Santos hasn’t had an original thought since Noah took up shipbuilding. But it’s an instructional example of just how the lowlife GOP mind works.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I don’t know a living soul who has used Cameo, except for one gal who said she was going to have her former Congressman, who was Louie Gohmert, do a video on her coming out as gay. That struck me as hilarious. Can you imagine Gohmert on a Cameo video validating anything to do with homosexuality?

    But other than as a trolling device, I don’t know anybody who would want to pay the likes of Santos, or Kimberly Guilfoyle or Giuliani any money to pitch anything.

    • I’m half tempted to ask Santos to do a Cameo to himself with the specific wording of “Hi, I may or may not be named George Santos and I just want to tell you, George Santos–if that’s your real name–that you’re a giant piece of scum who needs to do the right thing and just go away.”
      Maybe offering to pay him double his usual fee might get him to do it? Maybe triple the fee and he could use a word that’s much fouler and more accurate than “scum?”

  2. Never underestimate the banality or stupidity of the average adult in America. These pissants are exhibit one and two…or should I follow the Cat In The Hat and call them Thing one and Thing two. I think it’s a great idea for them to hoover up as much cash as possible from the sheeple. Jr’s will go right up his nose. Georgina will buy a new array of dresses. They better hope the Godfather doesn’t look their way. He’ll need a piece. At the rate he’s going through makeup, depends, and hairspray…cash is premium. Another day in America. A cheap reality show.


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