The citizens of at least four European Capitals made sure that Russian diplomats safely ensconced in their embassies this morning on the one year anniversary of their country’s brutal invasion and ravaging of Ukraine would not pass the day un-reminded of Putin’s brutality.

In London protesters spruced up the street outside the embassy with a colorful paint job honoring the Ukrainian flag:

The paint used on the street was water soluble so no need to worry about damage to vehicles. One commenter had an answer for some that were concerned anyway…

Exactly right, Freddie.

In Holland a portable pipe organ was set to play the Ukrainian Anthem on a loop 24/7 to serenade the embassy… to the delight of onlookers:


In Warsaw the audio assault was also deployed, but this time with the sounds of battle:

With tanks, I hear.



And finally Berlin opted for visuals, in this case the winner of a recent good old Ukrainian turret throwing contest hauled to embassy row:

Corrected for the photo op I am sure…

Seems to be a theme developing.


I hope something solemn is planned for D.C. today…

…though someone should be on guard, in case a certain Representative from Georgia, who shall go unnamed, tries to pipe bomb the event.

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  1. Maybe someone should paint the GOP,(guns over people), party national headquarters. Or throw some on the fur worn by that fascist from Georgia. It would be worth a misdemeanor.

  2. The only good thing about MTG and pipe bombs is that if Margie actually built them, they would likely blow her ugly mug off. Yes, I know the photos of someone who.matches her general description carrying them. Somebody else would have had to make them, and SHE would have placed them,but she isn’t smart enough the pages on hoe to build one.


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