Trump attorney Lindsey Halligan appeared on Eric Bolling’s NewsMax show today to engage in a bit of lite theater and stochastic terrorism implying that Donald Trump cannot be safe “in a place” like Washington D.C. and for that reason his trial must be moved to “place” not like… well, you know.

Think you dog-whistled loud enough for to hear you down in Alabamee, Lindsey?


“Lindsey Halligan, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, claimed on Thursday that his recent arraignments “really put his life at risk,” especially “in places like Washington, D.C.”

“During an appearance on Newsmax’s The Balance following Trump’s arraignment in D.C., Halligan told host Eric Bolling, “I want to say that I’m so grateful that the Secret Service and that police officers, bailiffs kept President Trump safe during that arraignment. These arraignments, particularly in places like Washington, D.C., really put his life at risk.”

Halligan continued:

“” But yeah, every time something negative comes out about the Biden family, Donald Trump gets indicted. Three indictments in four months. How can President Trump be expected to prepare for all of these trials at one time while simultaneously ensuring his right to a speedy trial in each case? It’s practically impossible, and everything that President Trump did was with the advice of counsel. Mike Pence is— he’s an attorney, and at no point did he ever tell President Trump that what President Trump was asking him to do was criminal behavior.

So while the first step in this case is to get the case out of D.C., there’s a 0% chance of President Trump getting an impartial jury in a city where 92% or more voters voted against him in the 2020 election. Additionally, this judge is clearly biased in my opinion. She needs to recuse herself and she won’t, so she will need to be recused.””

MEDIAite has the video but it will not embed here. It’s not on YouTube either, so you’ll have to click over.

Fortunately the good folks over there transcribed her statement in full and kindly saved me from having to employ my piss poor typing skills.

I can just hear the good old boys at bund-camp in Michigan saying…

“Didja hear that, BillyJoeRoyBob, that there purdy lady on the TeeVee says theys a gonna kill President Trump. We got enough gas money to get to D.C.?”

Trump will continue, through his photogenic lawyers, to try to incite violence from his cultists until something does happen and they do have to move the trial or deploy the National Guard.

American carnage indeed.

Does this dog-whistle to his crazies qualify as tampering with the jury, Judge Chutkan?

Lock him up.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong here…….but isn’t Trump-O the a$$clown’s whole 2024 campaign thingy about returning him to DC???

    These sh!tstains make no sense at all.

    *shake head*

    • You know something? Should former guy get elected in 2024, I’ve a feeling sh*t will be so bad that he will be able to do whatever the hell he wants up to and including moving presidential headquarters to lardalago or bedminster or to trump tower. If he gets the presidency back, it would probably mean he’d also have congress sewn up as well. I just can’t see him back as president without a whole lot of cheating/fraud and as long as that is going on for him, it will also be going on for the ‘pube house and senate candidates because they too are not very secure after dobbs, etc.

    • He did the crime there, and he certainly didn’t worry about Pence during the insurrection, so why should he get special treatment now? I don’t think so.

  2. All this concern about his safety. What about the judges, juries, including a certain grand jury?
    Where’s the concern for their safety?

  3. I laughed at the “concern” about ensuring speedy trials when it was some of Trump’s OTHER attorneys (and Harridan’s–I mean, Halligan’s–own client himself) who pushed for later trials. Hell, Trump is trying to get the trials pushed back till after the 2024 election with the intent to have all the federal charges dropped. Maybe this bimbo (I’m aware I’m insulting all the decent bimbos) should check in with her own client before whining about “speedy trials.”

  4. I don’t know why they are so concerned about the safety of Trump in Washington D.C. John Hinckley lives in Colorado, under parental control. Blacks don’t usually assinate Govement dignitaries. The dog whistle could not have been louder.

  5. She really emphasized the “President Trump” 🙄 look at Bollings’ face as she’s talking, he doesn’t believe her bullshit either.

  6. if any judge falls for those mob tactics then get ’em out of there.
    we can only see the seriousness through the court and rare pressers
    with Jack or DOJ. some MSM coming around to the bleak reality of
    the entire situation and its horrid effect on the country.

    seeing how the primary latest defense is 1A, claiming rights when verbally attacking
    the next victim on his radar is null and void. he’s had decades of sleazy court manipulation via a judge or influencing a prospective or current jury.

    plus he’s likely higher than any kite before because finding out.
    will he be allowed to continue snorting adderall in jail or prison?


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