I will never understand how a public health menace became a political talking point, but it’s not just happening here, it’s worldwide. Maybe it’s Darwin’s law. Those who are stupid enough to listen to right-wing media will die. That is truly tragic.

Rudy Giuliani, who got COVID-19 and who received the best of care that money can buy, doesn’t want other people to get a break, apparently. 400 Americans a day are dying of the coronavirus, which is like 9/11 daily, but this does not get through to the man. He is hell bent on decrying the efficacy of the vaccine for reasons known only to him.

He says it doesn’t affect young people. That’s false. I know personally of one 20-year-old who got the virus and she told me how horrible it was. She also told me how her MAGA father was denying the virus’ existence and she said, “Dad? Don’t you remember I had it last summer, and it kicked my ass?” I also know of a 24-year-old, friend of a friend who died.

It’s sad that Giuliani’s later years are spent hawking My Pillow and spreading disinformation on right-wing media. These are the choices he’s making. We are all the sum result of our choices. Of all of the figures in public life nowadays, arguably, Giuliani has fallen the farthest.


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  1. And his medical degree is in what and from where?
    (People are dying. If you’re vaccinated, you can still get Delta, but it won’t be nearly as bad.)


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