What a morning in the Senate. In more civilized times, expert witnesses were asked to testify before Congress on matters of great import and they were treated with respect. The purpose of the occasion was fact finding and enlightenment. Today, Dr. Anthony Fauci was treated worse than a murder suspect on the stand, and that is precisely how the Republican party seeks to characterize him. Watch this next video and then I’ll tell you what I believe is going on here. It’s now as clear as glass to me.

If this was a court of law, Fauci’s attorney would have leapt in with an objection, or more than one, that the question asked was ambiguous, or an attempt to lead the witness, or conclusory. But since Fauci is out there on his own, trying to get clarification of what Marshall is alluding too, he didn’t have that advantage.

Now, if you take both of these ridiculous back to back debacles, with Rand Paul and Roger Marshall, you see where the GOP is going. Paul went out of his way, both this morning and in the past, to characterize NIH funding as being misdirected, the result of which was the coronavirus, supposedly emanating from the Wuhan lab.

Then Marshall chimed in, talking about the spike in some previous research resembling a spike in the coronavirus which is now taking place in the population. Here’s where that is going: the GOP has bungled the coronavirus from the get go. You know all too well how Trump botched it, how Fox News, Hannity, all of right-Wingnuttia said that the virus was a hoax, all of that, until they couldn’t keep the lie going.

But the damage had been done and so they had to continue to run with it. Many more people died and now, with the Delta variant raging, there is in fact a second pandemic of the unvaccinated. And a lot of MAGAs won’t get the vaccination, because they’re glued to their radios and TVs, listening to how it’s all a ruse to implant them with everything from magnets and microchips, to the biblical mark of the beast.

So, the only way the GOP can justify their disinformation, which is costing people their lives, is to blame it all on Fauci and the Wuhan lab. Rand Paul set the ball up and Roger Marshall kicked it. Marshall has found some superficial similarity between something and something and he’s going to proselytize that to the faithful as the underhanded doing of Fauci, the NIH, and maybe the Illuminati or the Reptilians, who knows? This is seriously how insane it has gotten.

The Republicans are committed to riding out this conspiracy theory to the end because they have nothing else.

Meanwhile, the fruits of their labors are manifesting. A 70-year-old woman who used to post a lot of anti-vax material on Facebook died of coronavirus this morning. A five year old boy also died of COVID-19 in Georgia. The boy did not have any underlying health conditions. I mention that because Marshall said that children who died had underlying heath conditions. This one did not. The coronavirus killed him.

Wyatt Gibson became ill last week with what his family first thought was salmonella food poisoning, but they became alarmed after his tongue turned white a short time later and took him to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with strep throat, a staph infection and COVID-19, reported WGXA-TV.

Common sense might dictate that with all these tragedies occurring nationwide, the Republican party would give up and do what’s right to save lives. But it was made clear in Congress this morning, that they will not. They intend to keep the lie going and step up the persecution of the blameless chief epidemiologist in the country. Mark my words, this is what you’re going to see.

The only hope for people in rural areas who listen to right-wing lies is a form of grassroots activism if enough people start dying around them. Death has a way of waking people up and maybe that’s the only way these people will learn. Maybe if people start dropping like flies that will motivate others to get the vaccination and save their lives.

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  1. The GQP is playing games with the Constitution, voter rights, infrastructure, DACA, LGBQT rights, human rights, right to choose (while they spout “Don’t tell us what to do with our bodies”, and ultimately human lives. This is a tragedy and all they care about is keeping their seats and trying to regain their power.

    • All that and still have time for old fashion name-calling, setting up Dr. Fauci is the storm before complete eradication of the GOP … there are thousands of lab techs around the whole world that respect and depend on Dr. Fauci for correct data and current interpretation of virus facts ..

      These two dumb-ass Republicans are showing they, “think”, they have high level tech language calls against Fauci, and oops, Dr. Fauci provides the whole picture of the stupidity and calls for clarifications that stupid 1 and more stupid 2 can’t fake their way through, just reading outlines of other investigations … they have been caught in their own sinkhole, and climbing out is virtually impossible …

      CT stands very little chance of survival, but in the meantime the, “BIG LIE”, is an anchor that will pull these worthless Republicans into a free-fall right out the front doors of the Capitol building … and, hopefully into US court system …

    • The GQP is playing games with the Constitution, voter rights, infrastructure, DACA, LGBQT rights, human rights, right to choose (while they spout “Don’t tell us what to do with our bodies”, and ultimately human lives. This is a tragedy and all they care about is raising money off ‘the controversy’ so they can get richer.

  2. At least 90 % of the people dying and being hospitalized from Covid are not vaccinated. The largest group of people not vaccinated are the members of the cult of the Orange Monster. So the harder that the GQP tries to keep people from getting vaccinated, the more of the cult that they are getting killed!

    • Trump and McTurtle seem to have finally recognized that they have a problem with their own voters dying off and have started singing that everyone MUST get vaccinated! But can they turn their followers that easily?

      • no. They are about to find out that you can’t spend the better part of a century dumbing down your voters and teaching them to deride science and sneer at educated people, and then tell them to do what the scientist said.
        Especially if you then turn around and try to blame the scientist for the problem you created.
        It is not Democrats’ fault that the entire Republican party has come down with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. But they try to blame us anyway.

  3. These mutherphuckers have killed more people since 12/19 than we lost in korea, vietnam, Iraq Afghanistan, & ww2 combined. Phuck these bastards. Sure, I hate their children have them for parents, relatives, etc., but go ahead & die aholes. Ur children & the world will be better off without you.

  4. This will sound callous but as a resident of one of these rural areas who has been a virtual shut-in since February of last year, I say this with some authority. Their only hope is death…period, full stop. Only once enough of the bad actors are in the ground or too crippled to do anything will this end.

  5. Someone wanted to question Fauci should have to provide their medical credentials. Not in epidemiology or virology or even family practice? You don’t have the chops to complain.

  6. GET YOUR VERB tenses correct Ursula.. #UnVaccinated HAVE BEEN ALL THE ONES DYING Like flies since EARLY JUNE..
    As of June 5 that was at weekly rate of 409 per day ..by June 30 down to 250 per day.. So #Paul, #Hannity, #Greene .. still having them kill the selves..
    TALK ABOUT #TrumpCULT #koolaid !

    #GOPSenate now in total panic! AS MORE AMERICANS realized what Fox News #Hannity and #MTGreene did to #wingnuttia .. making them NOT GET #Vaccinated..
    Since beginning of JUNE ALL #COVID DEATHS ARE essentially the #unvaccinated.. at 500-400-250 a day now .. that’s still a lot of DEATHS. (yes I am MD)
    SEE HOW Senate Clowns #RandPaul and #RogerMarshall want to SHOOT THE MESSENGER.. #Fauci for their wanton foisting of #TrumpCULT #Koolaid on #GOP ‘faithful’ .. still DROPPING LIKE FLIEs
    HERE URSULA describes thus am ? SHOW
    And put up death STAT GRAPH

  8. SHARED THIS AM WITH: SEE THIS.. is #TRUMP vaccinated .. Is #DrRandPaul vaccinated, are #SeanHannity and #MTGReene vaccinated?!
    HELL YES THEY ARE.. but they are still selling #DieForTRUMP #KOOLAID TO #GOP dumb enough to drink it. And GOP are dying at 250 a day..
    and DELTA IS COMING for them


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