What a start to football season, not to mention an end to summer, not to mention the legal death knell of Donald Trump, which is starting to ring throughout the land, however faintly.

If you caught the scene in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania tonight, Trumpty Dumpty was in fine form. He showed up two hours late. It’s speculated that he refused to take stage until the house filled up and then his aides went nuts the last hour and a half, begging him to go on, already, because the house was never going to fill up.

Such things have happened before, we are told and Trump is nothing, if not consistent. Here is a cute little ditty out in the past few hours on You Tube, which has been gathering steam.

What prompted that comment, you may ask? This clip.

He is pretty nuts and maybe he does believe that he’s still in the White House. After all, that is the QAnon theory, that he’s in there in secret and will activate The Storm at some point and kill a bunch of politicians and media people.

Niece Mary chimed in, “He’s never been in a position like this before.” Maybe the stress is too much for him, seriously.

What’s a stable genius to do?

Stupid is as stupid does and running off with those documents was real, real stupid. And all of Trumpty’s fluffers and all of his kin, can’t put Trumpty Dumpty back together again.

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  1. Republicans are pure scum, and Trump is the reflection of every person that put a check mark by a Republican candidate on any ballot at any time in their life. May they all burn.

    • Kindly give those of us who changed our voting status from GOP to Democrat the chance to prove that we’re too good to vote for Trump or any other GOP candidate candidate some credit! I dumped the GOP in 2015, about 5 minutes after Traitor Tot came down the golden escalator. Literally 5 minutes later. I knew then that he’d be a total disaster.

  2. I was a lifetime Republican, as were my parents and their parents. The Republican Party of today is not the Republican Party, but of a party that was hi jacked by narcissists who are nefarious.
    These narcissists have no platform to help the country or its people because narcissists only ever do things to benefit themselves.
    They blame democrats for inflation, but do nothing to combat inflation themselves by refusing to lower insulin prices because they don’t understand that there are 2 types of diabetes and one is not related to obesity.
    They blame democrats for a global gas price problem, and crime that they create by allowing any deranged, mentally ill individual purchase an assault rifle.
    These same narcissists confuse people by accusing the other side of that which they are guilty, which is a Nazi tactic used by Hitler to convince people he wasn’t gassing tens of millions of Jews while trying to take over the world.
    And now, NOW they are openly touting ..and I quote…”the building of CONCENTRATION CAMPS in remote locations all across the country”. This time, these concentration camps are to rid the country of:
    Gays and lesbians
    Transgender people
    Black and brown people
    Homeless people
    Disabled people and
    So if you’re thinking for a second that you can skip voting in November, stop that!
    82 million of us voted to fire trump from his power position, and 82 million of us need to show up in November and vote blue because almost half the country doesn’t believe 82 million of us VOTED. The only way to combat that lie is to show up and VOTE BLUE. What will they say when 82 million of blue votes are cast? What will their reaction be? They probably won’t believe it, and they’ll say that the midterms were rigged yet again because losing is something that kills narcissists. Look what it did to trump….mind melt. So let’s UNITE together like we did in 2020 and work together to stop these narcissists from using us to enrich themselves. Just. Please. Vote. Blue.


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