This is another one of those screenshotted items that I don’t think is going to remain up too long. The other day I found a piece on Truth Social which was clear conspiracy theory, about Joe Biden paying Justice Lewis Kaplan $5 million to rule against Donald Trump in the E. Jean Carroll case and that was down in a couple of hours.

So I expect the same thing here. This is Donald Trump Jr. currying favor with the worst of MAGA. And he doesn’t even hide his vicious racism. I suppose the good thing is that it’s out in the open. It might have been a dog whistle at one point but now it’s an air raid siren.

LOL, indeed. Har de har har. As LBJ once observed, “The poorest, least White man will give you every nickel he has if you convince him he’s better than the best Black man.” Don Junior is a trust fund baby with a drug habit — which he explains away unsuccessfully as “extreme animation” —  and he dares to disparage a self-made woman like Michelle Obama. I’d like to see what you’d do without a backfield, Junior, and if you were in your right mind at any time and not stoned.

And of course Aaron Rupar caught some hell for posting this but I totally concur with his defense, which is why I share it here.

This is what it’s about. A lot of people have gotten on my case for amplifying and “giving oxygen to” this kind of thing, but we have to. Because to ignore this is to ratify it. To call it out, to confront it, is the only way that these things get taken down.

I am seriously expecting a confrontation over this in the next day or so or Junior may just quietly take it down, like the conspiracy theory about Justice Kaplan vanished yesterday after a short time.

This is racism and misogyny at its most vile. And this is the eponymously named son of the GOP frontrunner for president of these United States, trashing a former First Lady like this. And we trash Melania around here. But the difference is that we’re not trashing her on a racial or ethic basis. We trash her stupidity, her lies, and her hypocrisy. That’s a different kettle of fish. A person has no control over their race, gender or ethnicity. We are born what we are born. But we bloody well have some control over our actions and our character. And Don Junior fails spectacularly in those areas. As his cousin Mary has said, he’s a complete sell out, somebody who never grew up or became his own man. He lives a hollow life in the shadow of his sick fuck father. (Thank you, Uncle Joe, for providing us with the perfect descriptor for Mango Mussolini.)

As they say, the rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Especially when it’s baked, like Junior.

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  1. The scientists claim a healthy man ejaculates between 300-500 million sperm. Only one fertilizes the egg. This pustule should’ve been among all those that swam to oblivion. Funny how envy works. If Michelle wanted to run, and the Democrats talked Joe into endorsing her…we’d not only have our first female president, we’d have our 2nd black president. How would that age thing work out then? It would be a true Children’s Crusade! Hey junior..
    go snort a line and shoot an aging lion chained to a stake…you real man you.
    I could make a better man out of a banana!
    Kilgore Trout,(Vonnegut).

    • I’d say the best part of jr. ran down his daddy’s leg but there really is no best part. There isn’t even a mediocre part of dingleberry jr. He is just the same dumb-ass loser his father is.

  2. Your “… This is what it’s about. A lot of people have gotten on my case for amplifying and “giving oxygen to” this kind of thing, but we have to. Because to ignore this is to ratify it. To call it out, to confront it, is the only way that these things get taken down….” hits the nail on the head. If not spotlight then there’s the chance others may knowingly, or innocently get the wrong message, that silence is agreement. Nether silence or the spotlight is agreement, in any way, shape or whatever. Push back is what’s required to neutralise these hideous people.

  3. Dingleberry jr. is afraid of all women stronger than he is. That is a LOT of women. Needless to say Michelle Obama with her beauty, intelligence, accomplishments, etc. must scare the little poopy into sh*tting himself.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    • This is the guy who’s hanging/banging with Kimberly Guilfoyle. She was once very attractive but all the ugly in her rose to the surface so she smears herself with makeup and pushes her boobs out of her clothing in a failed attempt to be sexy. Yeah, dementia junior is a real good judge of what makes a woman attractive.

  4. The only reason the sick fuck was elected was because he is a loud and proud racist monster. Racism is just the stupidest human flaw we have. It is not just in America, but it is not compatable with a democracy such as ours. It is also ineficiant. Do you remember separate but equal schools? Yes, the government had to build twice as many schools. Do you think WalMart would go into every hick town in the country and build two supercenter?. No. If I make fun of someone because of their race or gender identity or type of car does it make me smarter or richer? My God, why do we have so many fools in this country?

  5. Michelle was and remains one of the most beautiful and gracious of First Ladies. She has all the qualities of character and leadership that make great presidents, and who knows?


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