Does this make me a conspiracy theorist?


Well, it’s a sunny Saturday, so of course the guys in the brown shirts with the sauerbraten stains dribbling down the front, and the male bed sheet runway models with the pointy hats are wandering around downtown Portland like a bunch of retarded lemmings. Hell, why not? The welfare checks deposited yesterday, so they can afford a bus ride. But something is different this time.

You don’t have to be able to read a Ph.D. thesis on nuclear dynamics to know that Der Gropinfuror is in trouble. Forget the economy, hell, even Fox News latest poll shows him within the margin of error when pitted against Norm from Cheers. Hair Twitler is getting a bucket of shit dumped on his head from everybody to the left of the guy who used to buff Mussolini’s bald pate. And why? Because they’re saying that the greatest president in the history of the United States is just like them! He’s a filthy, racist, goosestepping white supremacist! This is intolerable!

Portland has always been a popular place for west coast losers wearing BDSM boots and carrying crops, and losers clad in California Kings to go and stir up trouble. Mainly because it’s easily accessible, and has a younger, more progressive population that they know they can get a rise out of. But here’s what’s different this time.

Cast your mind back to the murderous tragedy of Charlottesville two years ago. That rally was planned and advertised weeks in advance. The organizers went through the normal steps of petitioning for, and being granted permits for assembly in particular locations. It was all very sane, normal, and aboveboard, until the event actually kicked off.

I have two daughters who live with their hubbies in Portland, so I keep an eye out for news from there. Personally, I love Portland, it’s a fun, quirky city with a unique personality. But if memory serves e correctly, at least the last two white subpremacist rallies held there followed the Charlottesville model. Meaning that they were organized and promoted weeks in advance, and permits applied for and duly granted.

But not this time. MSNBC reporting of a couple of hours ago stated that blocks of cops keeping the two groups separated were shouting through bullhorns that these were unauthorized assemblies, and as such were against the law, and the groups had better disperse, or risk a guest appearance on Lockup: Raw. And if this is true of both sides, then there is only one conclusion that I can draw.

The goose stepping goobers, and the tiki torch twits feel that their Glorious Furor is being threatened. With Trump being pilloried for being something that they themselves are oh, so proud of, along with the growing realization that there are actually impeachment hearings under way, they are starting to feel that their Imperial Grand Wizard and Brownshirt Grande may actually be in jeopardy. They are coming together, s spontaneously as they can gather in large numbers, to defend their leader, and the niceties of permits be damned. They are aiming for a show of muscle, solidarity, and support.

And of course, it will ultimately backfire on these hopeless morons. By rallying to Trump’s support and succor, they only confirm what everybody else is saying, that the sitting President of the United States is a virulent racist, and unfit for duty. And to be sure, being so fucking stupid that he defies clinical diagnosis, His Lowness will pour gasoline onto the fire. Trump already tweeted out today from the 4th fairway that his administration is taking steps to have Antifa declared a terrorist organization. What the fuck?!? When is the last time you saw a planned Antifa rally? Or an e-mail blast from Antifa Central, requesting a donation. Antifa is a grassroots response to fascism, not an organized entity.

So there you have it. That’s the whole problem with residing in the dark corners of Trumpmenistan. So often, what sane people would consider the wildest of conspiracy theories turn out to be true, hatched from the bird brained depths of Glorious Bleater, and his brainless sheeple. Am I ready for the rubber academy, or what?

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  1. I love the image of the “brown shirts with sauerbraten stains”. I just hope there’s no trouble in Portland today. We don’t need to give the furor anymore fodder. No matter who’s to blame, we know which side he’ll be on.

    • Exactly the opposite LoHa…As I said, his abject refusal to condemn these jerks, and the sure to follow not so subtle dog whistles about them being “very fine lads” will only serve as confirmation of everybody’s -previous assertions…

      • Except, everytime I travel out of state, I hear from someone (when they hear I’m from the Portland area) what a bunch of disruptive, radical, left-wing nuts live in Portland.

  2. I think the turnout of so many folks in costumes and other efforts to show ridicule to these morans did a lot to help lower the temperature. We were all dreading this rally, and I’d hoped that with the increased law enforcement presence, that it would keep a lid on things, which it seemed to. Also, while I support Antifa, I’d hoped they would stay low key so as not to increase attention and antagonism their way. Let the nut bags get the bad press. I hate that Oregon keeps getting targeted with the right-wingers. We had the scumbags from Nevada take over our wildlife refuge a few years back, AND GET AWAY WITH IT! We had our own Republican senators leave the state to hijack our governmental processes, and so far have seemed to get away with it. Now we are threatened with monthly visits by the bed sheet brigade. Oregon is otherwise a great place to live, but our good nature is certainly being taken advantage of by the sociopathic thugs of the right-wing, which is what sociopaths do, take advantage.


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