There’s an old saying in politics, If you’re going to fuck up, fuck up early! In politics, Time heals all wounds, and the more time you give yourself to recover from a mistake, the better the chances that voters will forgive or forget about it.

From inauguration day, Florida Governor Ron Pissantis has never once thought about actually governing the state of Florida. Instead he has looked at the Governorship as a 4 year petri dish to polish up his far right bona fides for a 2024 presidential run. And he has fucked it up every step of the way.

Pissantis has spent 4 years doing nothing but throw red meat to the farthest right base. Florida has one of the worst Covid fatality rates in the nation, partially due to their older population. Pissantis has tried to reform Florida schools into the modern version of Hitler Youth academies, expunging any mention of anything in school that might make white kids feel bad.

Deathsantis risked huge Florida real estate tax increases by moving to remove the Disney Corporation’s special status when Disney dared to call him out on his flagrantly homophobic transgender laws. He also threatened school districts with sanctions, including the loss of state funds, if they didn’t kowtow to his moronic mask rules.

Pretty much every one of his boneheaded plays has led to massive protests and screaming from pretty much anybody with 12 functioning brain cells. But DeSantis didn’t care, because he was playing to The Villages GOP vase. And with the political composition of Florida’s electorate, he probably could have survived all of that.

But then Pissanti jumped the shark, and not just once, but twice. First, he created a neo fascist Election Police Force that immediately went after former Florida convicts that the state of Florida had actually issued voter registration cards to in 2020, and is trying to lock them up for voting. How can you engage in vote fraud if you have a Florida voter registration card in your wallet or purse? That’s too stupid to be believed.

The second, equally serious fuck up was, finding it too hard to corral undocumented immigrants in Florida, using Florida taxpayer money to import 4 dozen documented Venezuelan asylum seekers from Texas to Florida for a pit stop photo op, before shipping them up to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

This was political malpractice, for two reasons. First the premises were too stupid to cover over with political whitewash. And second, he did it too damn close to election day to allow other events to erase it from the voters minds.

This stunt with the Venezuelan asylum seekers is stupid, and with no justification. With his dick move, DeSantis violated at least one, if not two new laws he just passed. But there’s an even greater risk for DeSantis here.

The Scandal has become national in the media. Forget about the local news, which DeSantis may be able to massage, every time people in Florida watch the national news, there’s another story about DeSantis being sued by his own party Senator, as well as innocent Venezuelan political refugees, here legally. The optics are incredibly terrible.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has been running a campaign based on tolerance, love, and inclusion. And here’s Pissantis, looking like Attila the Hun in 1 $3000 suit. He’s slammed Florida’s largest employer, tarnished transgender kids, and he sent a bunch of legal asylum seekers on a treasure hunt to Martha’s Vineyard. The national media is portraying DeSantis as a xenophobic, anti immigrant moron every night, and the Florida audience is seeing it every night on television.

42 days to go. And then we’ll see if Florida voters are dumb enough to cote for a Governor who has brought nothing but shame and disrepute on their state. The perfect way to find out just how strong Trumpism is. And if all goes well, the long awaited goom-bye for Ron Pissantis.


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  1. He must have the worst advisors or not have any at all. One would think that a politician of a state that has a very sizable population of citizens who were originally from Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin and South American countries would not do anything to offend them. DeSatan can call Crist a socialist from now until election day and it won’t erase the fact he tricked asylum seekers from a communist country and dumped them on an island with no food or shelter. Thank goodness, the good people of Martha’s Vineyard did what they could when they discovered this tragedy and that the sane republican governor of Massachusetts quickly found a more appropriate setting and appropriate services for these fellow humans.

    • Thats funny. Martha’s Vineyard had 50 immigrants and got rid of them in 42 hours to a military base. They have 80 thousand rooms for rent and dozens of restaurants. But they don’t want those smelly people living too close unless they have their weed eaters and leaf blowers with them.

    • Reportedly his only adviser is his wife (who has zero experience in government or politics). Reportedly he is very abusive to his staff. He is about as far as you can get from ‘mister nice guy.’ Dios mío.

          • The lie isn’t that we’re in recession. The lie is that Democrats had anything to do with rising fuel costs, spuring increased inflation following an economic peak last March and before Russia invaded Ukraine. The international sanctions and reduction in one third of the world’s oil supply is the cause of the Global Economic down turn but you go ahead and keep on lieing your party’s way all the way to the unemployment line.

          • You are very Ignorant and stupid but that’s okay. Because must of you undercover Proud Boys are. Or do busy fucking your sister to know what’s going on. The Governor of FLORIDA is A PISS OF SHIT REAL SHIT. And his DUM ASS final has fucked up to the point of no return. And I am a Republican I think that my party is truly FUCKING UP THIS NATION

        • I don’t know about being a liar but just by reading this article and the comments it’s plain to see where all the hate and name calling comes from

      • We care asshole. By the way if they are so ‘proud’ why do they hide their faces? Liars & cowards. That’s why. By the way the last ‘revenge’ ended in 1945 with your buddies dead & defeated & humiliated for being evil human scum. You know. Like your buddies & your governor.

  2. Wow! Your parents & grandparents must be so proud of your writing skill. Speaking as part of the electorate with fewer than 12 functional brain cells, we’ll see in November. Start preparing your rant now.

        • I guess the Democrats you’re referring to as Hypocrites are the same ones that are working and passing Bills that Provide things like Social security, Medicare, and better wages. Right?

          Can you please name one thing that your Republican party stands for that benefits the American Working Class? Am waiting for you to name one thing… aside from Spreading hate

    • This was for the last few centuries. The world is a totally a different place now. You can destroy a whole country by those old outdated sayings. Be careful for what you wish for. We will be overrun with all the worlds immigrants.

      • YOU ARE A FUCKING IMMIGRANT ASSHOLE UNLESS YOU ARE 100% AMERICAN INDIAN. Oh, & their ancestors walked over a land bridge to get here dumbass & ignorant hypocrite. What an ignorant tool of the rich.

  3. What a load of crap!
    Dude if you don’t like DeSantis policies you are free to vote for Crist ( a long term turd).
    People across the US are flocking to Fl and TX. They must all have less than 12 brain cells.

  4. I’ve never heard about your website (probably, located 1,000 miles Left from MSNBC), and hopefully never will again. But as a Floridian, I can assure you that the people of Florida (with exception of a few “progressive” misfits) are very happy with De Santis’ policies and governorship overall. I’m positive that you are going to “cancel” my comment; you aren’t interested in the real news and opinions. However, just for the kicks, I’m saying that giving the D.C., NYC, and “billionaires lairs” a taste of what real Americans on the border are experiencing every day in a 10,000 times higher ratio. Keep gnashing your “progressive” teeth.

    • It’s just as well that they’re being transported to “friendly” states, where they’ll be treated far better than by your Governor and State’s tender mercy. Or haven’t you gotten the feed back. They’re not unwelcome. No one is complaining that ya’ll are paying their way. They’re complaining about your shabby treatment of them in the doing. Not that it was done.

        • I did. I owned a quilting company that hired mostly upper South Americans sewers. They’re honest hard working people. You should know them before you assume and post something that is false. They thought this was a free country but people of Martha’s Vineyards showed them otherwise. Thousands of rooms available but they weren’t the Martha’s Vineyards) kind so they shipped them off to a military base. And Desantis had them sign a statement that they wanted to go there.

    • That’s because they cannot stand the truth, they have to hate in order to survive. I say just ignore them as they are all talking out of the side of their mouths. No common sense at all there.

  5. It’s unfortunate and exasperating to NOT hear Red or any other Republican reach out and suggest that it just might be constructive if both parties and Independents work together to identify key domestic, international and existential problems with proposals for bipartisan solutions that benefit the American public and our standing in the world community; demonstrating once again that we are the democratic super power that has always encouraged and supported democratic governments. The polarization is getting us nowhere.


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