What we are seeing here in the first few months of 2023, and what we will be seeing throughout the primary and the general election in 2024, is a media feeding frenzy. The sharks are in the water and they are desperate to rend anything in their path to get the blood flowing — blood meaning ratings.

Newsmax and right-wing media are a joke, generally speaking. That’s nothing new. But what you’re about to see is going to take things to a completely different level of bottom.

Alan Dershowitz is simply ridiculous in this clip. I can’t embed it but hit this hotlink and scroll down the page. Dershowitz is actually rambling about whether Long Island is part of the United States, by way of making a wisecrack about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, an island, and hahaha, Trump was born on an island, too.

Dershowitz knows that what he is saying is pure blather. And he’s fine with that. The reason that I even comment on this is because this shows you where a substantial shift in our cultural values has taken place, specifically, that celebrity is more important than integrity.

Dershowitz would rather be a known figure on the right, a paid talking head, and spew complete drivel, than to be what he used to be, a respected constitutional scholar. He knows he’s babbling. He knows that nothing he says holds up to the light of common sense, let alone reason. He doesn’t care.

Why are we so jaded as a culture that this is going on?

Two reasons:

  1. Bread and circus. We’re an intellectually lazy people, 21st century Americans. Education is in the toilet and anti-intellectual forces reign. The fact that we have seen the likes of Lauren Boebert and Madison Cawthorn in the Halls of Congress says it all.
  2. The supreme folly that everything is a matter of opinion. No, it is not. Facts are facts and opinions are opinions and a lot of people don’t know the difference.

And a man like Alan Dershowitz, who does know the difference, and a great deal more, has chosen to sell himself out to the highest bidder. Why he did, you’ll have to ask him. But the fact that he feels comfortable in doing so, in putting the pursuit of profit and celebrity above the integrity of the legal profession, tells me everything I need to know about the guy.

Dershowitz had not only sold out himself, he’s sold out his profession. He’s a whore for the worst elements in this culture, who make no bones about money being the only thing they care about. He’s thrown his lot in with them, rather than using his knowledge to pursue higher ideals.

Something bad happened to Dershowitz. What I don’t know. But he’s chosen to hang with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and now the Fox News/Newsmax crowd. I hope his stock portfolio gives him comfort. He doesn’t appear to have too many friends. And evidently he’s got zero self respect, and that’s the worst impoverishment of all.

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  1. But he’s chosen to hang with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump – Makes one wonder if orange man has something on him from a trip to Epstein’s island. I’m convinced that many of the weasels in Washington who continue to carry water for him are under the same threat.

  2. I think Epstein happened. With the attainment of celebrity Dersh surely had groupies flocking around but screwing coeds and law students at Harvard was a risky proposition for him. However, Epstein could and did find him all manner of “sweet young things” to play with and as with countless others Epstein went to some effort to collect “receipts” to cover his own ass. Not every powerful person (male) Epstein ingratiated himself to indulged in young and often even underaged teenage flesh, but a LOT of them did and there’s credible reporting there were cameras at his various places. The sighs of relief when Epstein “committed suicide” were palatable to say the least. But Dersh was one of those people who Epstein had his hooks into, and that’s what started him down the road to where he is now. With his once good legal reputation in the toilet and his one-time social standing in even worse shape he’s still got the addiction to the limelight. And probably young/underage women too and fluffing Trump’s bullshit probably keeps him with a supply of Putin/Oligarch sugar babies.

  3. And the fascists acted like it was some kind of issue with Clinton possibly being charged with imaginary crimes. They also act like everyone forgets history as soon as it happens.

    Let the filth run from a DC jail. That would be perfect. Bring him out to the excerise yard in shckles for his rallies. When he couldn’t fill the yard with fools he could give the inmates cigs to come join in.

  4. Dersh hasn’t been fully connected to reality for several years. Remember, he was involved with at least one of the impeachments and made a fool of himself then.

  5. Everybody Knows Full Well The Constitution of The United States is Calling Dershowitz A Liar; Just Read Amendment 14, Section 3.

  6. Well you know what I was talking about. You really need to check that out. He theoretically could run the country from prison. I’m thinking more on the lines of house arrest with ankle monitor. But who knows. Anyway, he can’t run the country if convicted of treason and some of that stuff flows right through till the present. I got an ancient iPad and a older iPhone.


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