It’s epiphany time once again, friends. Today I have found Stella Immanuel’s true calling and it certainly is not as a doctor or political advisor. No, she is needed to write really bad speculative fiction/horror stories. Think of her as Kilgore Trout with a strange accent, after dropping a lot of bad acid. Listen to her latest lunacy on Stew Peters’ show and see if this doesn’t sound to you like dialogue at a really dreadful Hollywood story conference.

“The Moderna vaccine has Luciferous.” That’s the one that Murfster took, so he’s presently under the influence of Satan, whereas I, having taken the Pfizer, have three legged alien life forms paddling their way through my arteries. Remember the aliens? They were discovered by a Republican state senator in New Hampshire, who described them as having tentacles. That was before the governor begged him to resign.

So that could mean that there are more than one alien species in the vaccine and only wingnut Republicans can identify them for us. Boy, are we in a world of hurt, but you knew that.

In all events, Satan and space aliens have taken over the vaccine and that sentence is straight out of Infowars, so I wonder why Alex Jones hasn’t done a piece on just that yet?

Back to “Dr.” Immanuel, you may recall she came to worldwide attention at Donald Trump’s White Coat Summit, where he called her “an important voice.” What did she share with her important voice? Oh, just the usual, demon semen ruining your life.

In reporting on Trump’s role in spreading the false information, Will Sommer of the Daily Beast dug into some of Immanuel’s other beliefs, and they include something about needing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pee (?), [to see if he was taking hydroxychloroquine] lizard people and alien DNA (??), and insisting that ovarian cysts are caused by demon sex. So here we are again. What is demon sex? A fun bit of trouble to get into when its hot as Hades out? A particularly bad Tinder date? No, it is sex with demons in one’s dreams and the demon sperm causes the gynecological issues and general maladies in one’s body and marriage.

Would you believe that it didn’t end there with the demon sex and the demon sperm discussed at a national level? Facebook removed the video of Immanuel and others promoting hydroxychloroquine as the COVID “cure,” which the president retweeted late Monday night because, according to a spokesperson, it was “sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” By Tuesday, after “demon sperm” fully metabolized in whatever gastrointestinal recesses that process trending topics on social media platforms, Trump commented on the video, suggesting that his was not just another random retweet, but a thoughtful one, unfortunately.

Immanuel wants us to know that we are under the influence of “demon technology” not human science. I wonder if Stew Peters is one of Satan’s clones? His face never changes expression, so he must be.

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  1. Jesus was accused of being a drunk. Of being insane. Of being king of the demons. Of whoring around with prostitutes. This is an old story. People can say any damn thing. Kilgore Trout would take this diatribe & write a hell of a science fiction story. By the way scholarship has clearly shown 666 is the numerology of Nero, who was insane & a beast & had godlike powers as caesar. Of course let’s not confuse their fixed delusions with facts.

    • I think Luciferous can be anything you want it to be. I’m getting iron infusions so maybe I could ask for “Luciferrous” i.e., a devil of an infusion to really get me healed.

      Immanuel also has a church in the same strip mall in Texas where she has her “medical practice.” She’s wayyyyy out there.

    • I have a lot of Luciferous trees in my yard. They used to be coniferous, but a @$#@ing pine cone hit me in the jaw and now all I can say is luciferous.

    • Luciferase is an enzyme used in the testing of certain vaccines. I don’t believe it’s even in the final product. As I understand it, its named after Lucifer because in Latin the name means Light Bringer… & Luciferase causes a bioluminescent effect that allows the researcher to track it.

  2. I’ve always had an active and often vivid dream life. More than once I’ve been bitten by a vampire in dreams so does that mean I’m a vampire? I don’t burn to a crisp in sunlight, and while I’m not Catholic back when I attended church regularly I sometimes went with friends who were and holy water has never burned me either. Hell, just today in the early afternoon I went to the grocery store and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so I got dosed with plenty of sunlight! Maybe I’m a “daywalker?” Seriously though this gal is out of her fucking mind. And Trump put her up in front of everyone to spout her bullshit. Only the “best” eh?

  3. “Demonic technology”? ??? This so-called “doctor” is a shaman.

    There are enzymes that are known as “luciferases”. They emit light when they bind to a particular substrate. They are often used for imaging biological processes; e.g., targeting them to detect the expression of a particular protein.

    Fireflies use luciferases to emit a greenish sort of light. There is nothing strange about them, this is just quantum chemistry in biology. The reason for the name is because the discoverer wanted to express the idea of “light-bearer” which in Latin is lucifer. I guess the Latin biblical reference to Lucifer is because Satan was called the “angel of light”. … but apparently, the meaning depends on the context of the word usage.

    • Fireflies have more going for them than this pair of talking pumps. Hell, they can fly & their ass lights up. Pretty damn cool. I wouldn’t mind either of those skills. If I locked my keys in my car at night while at a party, I could still get home.

  4. Honestly, I never thought this many idiots would crawl out of the cracks and that people would actually believe these wild conspiratorial fantasies. It’s mind-boggling.

  5. She isn’t a shaman. I.know two:,,one was Native American, the other follows the Huichel.tradition and used my osteopath.
    This woman is from.Cameroon, got her medical degree in Nigeria. Is she even licensrd?
    I get so tired of explaining that just being a doctor doesn’t make you an expert on every field of meficine. I wouldn’t trust the other jackass radiologist to correctly diagnose measles versus a drug rash. Yeah , all the best people.


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