Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Alex Wagner, on MSNBC just now, talking to Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin just made my heart drop to my toes. Because it was the implication of what Wagner read that is so critical.

In talking to Raskin, she quoted directly from the indictment that was unsealed by Special Counsel Jack Smith today. It read something like, In a late November conversation between then President Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Meadows noted how professionally the Georgia elections officials were performing their jobs.

Holy sh*t! One of the things that will play prominently in the prosecution’s case, as well as likely the upcoming Fulton County DA’s indictments is Trump’s infamous phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenssperger asking him to find some 11,780 votes.
And Smith is quoting a previous conversation between Meadows and Trump where Meadows extols the excellence of the Georgia voting procedures.

Which begs the simple question, How the hell does Smith know? In the context that I heard as Wagner read it, this was a personal conversation between Trump and Meadows. So how does Smith know the content of that conversation?

Only one way I know of. Mark Meadows has flipped on Trump. There are lots of insinuation and case reference to think this might be true. For starters, Meadows appeared before the grand jury, but otherwise has been missing in action. Nobody can find him. And here’s another clue.

There are six unindicted co-conspirators listed by Smith in todays unsealed  indictments. Five of them are clearly lawyers, obviously including Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Sidney Powell among others, and also one who may or may not be a lawyer.

But nowhere in the indictments does there appear anyone with the kind of inside knowledge of Mark Meadows. Which would make perfect sense if Smith is busy milking Meadows like a Golden Guernsey cow. But in order to make his point in one of his charges, Smith had to quote Meadows, and hope nobody would notice.

If Meadows has actually flipped, then it’s game over for Trump. After all, Meadows was the last man in the room. he was in the room for every critical conversation, and would have unique insight as to Trump’s state of mind. And Meadows has good reason to flip, since Cassidy Hutchinson has more than enough information and testimony to put Meadows away until the second coming of Christ.

We’ll know soon enough. Traitor Tot is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday. In that hearing the presiding judge will schedule a preliminary hearing date. And in that hearing the judge will likely open the discovery process, meaning that the prosecution will have to disclose their evidence to the defense. And one of those items will be the witness list for the prosecution. And if Mark Meadows’s name appears on that list, then it’s pretty much game over for Trump.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. In the Mar-A-Lago case, Trump’s co-defendants are loyal, local, lower paid employees who are solely dependent on Trump for survival. They may not flip. But in the J6 case, Trump is surrounded by people with degrees and reputations, and they’d like to salvage as much of those that they can in order to live the rest of their lives. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Agree completely. It explains how Smith knows the content of private conversations and it would explain why Meadows has completely dropped off the radar. The other good bit of news is that the case has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee who has been giving Jan 6 rioters stiffer sentences than prosecutors have recommended. She is no Aileen Cannon. Panic attack time at MAL.



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