Darwin believed that man evolved upwards from apes. Sadly, some of us have already started the return journey

From where I’m sitting, it all started with the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education. Before that ruling, racist parents were able to raise their children in racist households, and their venom and vitriol held, simply because the children went to school in segregated pods, where there was no risk of them having to have actual contact with the people they were being taught to hate.

It took years, but Brown v Board of Education changed that. Racism is not an inherent trait, it isn’t some sort of weird DNA twist that people are born with. It is a learned habit. And when 5-6 year old’s were suddenly placed cheek to jowl with children they were being indoctrinated to hate, it didn’t work. They saw kids. And if they had to learn together, and eat lunch together, and play together, somehow or other the filth that mommy and daddy were spreading just didn’t seem to make sense when you looked at the kid you played with everyday. And as these kids got older, and had more and more interaction with the minorities they were being taught to hate, the hate lessened, it just didn’t make sense.

This is why you saw white teenagers and twenty somethings marching shoulder to shoulder with their BLM brothers and sisters to protest the police violence last year. When you have 12 functioning brain cells, and the room to use them, racism is ridiculous on its very face. It just doesn’t make sense. The scared white underclass was losing control of its own children.

Which brings us to today, and the downward climb on Darwin’s ladder. The scared white racist base is losing ground and control, and they ain’t getting any younger. The secret to their survival is to get their kids back into a racist educational bubble. They can’t segregate the schools again, so the only solution is to segregate the curriculum. Which, fortunately for them, is the easiest thing to do, since nobody pay attention to school board meetings.

Critical race theory is only taught in graduate school law courses, but the GOPtards and bucket heads want everybody to think that their first graders are being taught to think that white people are bad! If you’re going to teach in history class that slavery was bad, and that the Civil War was evil, then you also have to teach the opposing theory that the Civil War was a governmental black flag operation to enslave white southerners. If you’re going to teach that 7 million Jews died in the Holocaust, then you also have to present the alternate theory that it is all bullshit, put out by the Zionist Trilateral Commission.

This is the endgame for racism. Brown v Board blew a hole in racism by showing children that they are all the same, and they learned that lesson well. The only way for the racist right to survive is to regain control of the curriculum, and indoctrinate their children that their parents racist beliefs are well founded in history. What a cynical, filthy plot. Rot in hell GOP, in the room next to the noisy ice machine.

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  1. I’m so effing tired of the RWNJs hating everyone who isn’t just like them. Move them to someplace where they can be isolated, then declare it a Superfund site so they’ll stay isolated for 50 or so years. Maybe some of the counties that don’t have rail, highway, or air connections will work. Tell them they get tax breaks for doing without everything after 1960.

  2. Evolutionary biologist went to Brooklyn a few years back on a Saturday morning during a street fair. They took hundreds of cheek swabs. As you can imagine, it was an incredibly diverse crowd. When the DNA was traced, the DNA PROVED that every human can be traced back to the same parents that lived in East Africa 3-4 million years ago.(Good guess on Adam & Eve). ALL of us are 30-50th degree COUSINS. Of course human migration over hundreds of thousands of years to colder climates produced lighter skin. The folks with the purest DNA are those who stayed in East Africa. My adopted daughter is an example. Her biological dad is black. Her mother is white. When she paid to have her ancestry done, her ancestors are scattered all over eastern African countries, a number of Europeans countries, including Scandinavian countries. In total there were hits in over 20 countries scattered around the globe. I heard a professor of genetics from Emory University state the biggest myth about race is that there is such a thing. This is why when the ads come on about these type of searches, the pie chart shown is NEVER just one color. We are all mutts, but started with black parents. What an irony. By the way the documentary on the Civil War was on CNN last night. There are still segregated high schools in Mississippi. It also clearly made the case that slavery ended, but during the 12 years of reconstruction, the north embraced white supremacy as a process of white unity in response to the war. The myth of the noble lost cause of the south fighting for honor & the homeland developed. The white folks enacted Jim crow etc. It has been fostered since. After the first black president was elected, we then elected an avowed white racist. He & the GOP continue down that road as we all know. When will we ever learn?

  3. Going by the driving I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, there are a lot of people who aren’t bright enough to get out of their own way.


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