The Republican party is in its last gasps so it’s actually not surprising that on its death bed it indulges in self parody to some extent. We well recall the biggest GOP hoax of them all (prior to the advent of Donald Trump that is, where it’s a hoax an hour) which was the concept of trickle down economics. Yes, let’s make the rich people richer because somehow that will all trickle down to the yous and mes and then we can buy bridges with all the money, right? This was the biggest scam since 40 acres and a mule and it was delivered in the same tongue in cheek fashion.

Well, now we have a positively scintillating opportunity to watch the concept in action. Because here’s how it works, and Michael Whatley will explain it to you. If I understand him correctly, the merger of the Trump campaign and the RNC is now complete. And it’s now one group, one purse, indivisible. So, following this logic, by making the guy at the top of the ticket rich, then all the down ballot races should have lotsa lotsa money, amirite? That’s how trickle down theory works?

The scorpion and the frog in real life. And Trump will recite his favorite poem for them, with the punchline, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in.” The prophet Lindsey knew, yes sir he did, but now he has seen fit to forget those days.

Once again I note that if you wrote this as fiction, you would be laughed out of the publishing house. Nobody would believe that a political party would give all their money to the guy who is primarily responsible for losing the last three elections. But nevertheless, here they are and that’s precisely what they’re doing.

And so it’s now trickle down theory come to life, amirite? Great! I want to see how it works. I’m so glad we all have a front row seat to check this out. Aren’t you glad?

What could go wrong indeed? The GOP wants to retake the Senate and the Senate map is very competitive this year — but if Trump continues to disgrace the party and nobody can finance their campaigns, I don’t know know how easy a task taking back the Senate is going to be.

As to the House, there are a number of embattled seats there (yes, Lauren, we’re talking about you) and I daresay they’re not going to see any money either, because Trump needs it all for his lawyers and bonds and other expenses. Trump is on an all out crusade to save his own skin. He’s not a party man and he’s not thinking about the party and certainly not about government as an institution. He’s thinking of Number One and how to save his own ass, and that’s that.

I don’t think fealty is going to cut it. Trump is too strung out financially and he’s too desperate. He’s going to take all the money and run. If and when the GOP suffers a horrific blow out in November, then maybe that will be the final straw and a post-Trump GOP will arise.

Assuming Trump loses, whatever criminal trials haven’t taken place will then take place and he may very well be sentenced to prison. The Republicans have to be as aware of that possibility as we are, but evidently it’s more fun to play ostrich.

This is going to be a wild election year. Just try to imagine if Chelsea’s husband was running the DNC and Hillary was the one under indictment in four jurisdictions. Yet for Republicans, this is the norm. Nowadays, in any event.



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  1. Every Republican down the ballot from Trump has to be shuddering, breaking out in cold-sweats. They all KNOW the realities of “trickle down” and that what they’ve done to the American people for over forty years is now going to be done to THEM, each and every one of them by Trump. When they were doing it to the rest of us they had sweet dreams. Now they’re having nasty nightmares. Good. Let em suffer through sleepless nights, and agonizing days trying to figure out how to survive financially day to day, week to week and month to month like most Americans have had to do for decades! Not that it will make any of them more compassionate if they hang on to their elected offices. No, it will make them more determined to double down on doing it to us before it gets done to them again by Trump or someone else.

    In my lifetime there have been times when the GOP has lost elections and it was clear from polling their positions on multiple issues were way outside of of what clear majority of Americans wanted. A reasonable person would look at that and say “it’s time to adjust my/our thinking on some of these things.” Not the GOP. Even when the post mortems have recommended that what winds up happening is they bend to the insistence of those who say the problem isn’t that the GOP’s level of conservatism is out of touch that the problem is it’s not conservative enough!

    There’s no better example of this than the GOP since the Dobbs decision. Abortion has cost the GOP huge and even in ruby red states voters are rejecting restrictions on abortion when they get to vote directly. Yet the lawmakers are doubling and trickling down, coming up with ever more draconian laws to restrict or even outlaw abortion! These asshats refuse to believe the evidence that’s plain to see, and instead cling to the belief if they get their way that folks will come around to their narrow way of thinking!

    I’m not convinced that another shellacking in another election will cause the GOP/conservatives to rethink their positions. There might be an honest look at things like there was after Romney’s loss in 2012, and meaningful recommendations for change might be made but a handful of people will feed the report into the shredder. If there is going to be a conservative Party in this country it’s going to have to be a brand new one. One made up of all the cowards who have spent years denigrating Trump and Trumpism in private but backed him publicly or voted how he wanted on legislation.

  2. one data point to add to your argument. rnc just closed all but one Hispanic outreach office in South Texas. the offices were opened in 2021 with the belief south Texas Latinos were ready to turn Republicon. didn’t really happen. now the races are considered not competitive and so resources are going elsewhere. if DNC were smart they would take over those offices. Ted Cruz must be pissed because that means less resources for his race.

    • Did cancun cruz ever really depend on rnc resources? He was on the take from every right wing reactionary group that contributes to rwnj’s. Wasn’t he one of the ones who received the highest amount of bucks from the nra? I doubt they’re the only nut job contributors he rakes it in from; not by half.

      • the offices that closed were general outreach. all of the candidates in South Texas were screwed. Cruz has money, but he is not going to reopen those offices.

  3. So, trickle down economics once again means pissing down someone’s back (actually, it always did). Down ballot ‘pube candidates get pissed upon while former guy gets the grift that keeps on grifting.

    what a bunch of criminal f*cks. I do not know how this passes any kind of sniff test campaign finance-wise. I certainly someone at the FEC is taking a closer look at this little criminal endeavor. A REAL close look.


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