The clip you’re about to see rang quite a bell with me. James Comer took on the Associated Press as “being right there at the bottom of the barrel with the Washington Post.” It put me in mind of Mark Twain’s description of the Associated Press: “There are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe, the sun in the heavens and the Associated Press down here.” The father of American literature has been gone over a hundred years but the AP has held up the standards that were praised back in his era. AP is a fact gathering news organization. Along with Reuters they are the most centrist and unbiased news organs in this country.

Which is why James Comer accuses them of bias, because he’s so strung out he’s lost any grasp of objective truth. And yes, if only the MSM were reporting the same *reality* as Fox News, Newsmax, etc., why then of course the Biden impeachment would not have fallen apart and been the public spectacle and singular flop that it was. In fact, if the MSM were really on the ball, it would broadcast QAnon talking points 24/7. That is the world that Comer wants to live in. And he’s welcome to, he’s just not welcome to drag the rest of us down the rabbit hole with him.

Well, yeah, but apart from that, what did they do wrong? I mean, look, we have a standard to uphold here and that is Both Sides Do It, and with Trump going from civil trial to criminal trial to SCOTUS briefs, Jim and Gym had to do what they could, right?

Comer’s diatribe here is important for a number of reasons:

  1. This is how the GOP rolls these days. They don’t care what is real, they care what they can make people believe;
  2. To that end they need right-wing media because propaganda is their only salvation;
  3. Gaslighting and propaganda have long eclipsed policy. Do not even look for policy or a platform from the Republicans. That day is gone.
  4. Conspiracy theory rules the present day.

Just keep this checklist handy and as each new conspiracy theory talking point comes out, see how it fits the parameters here. These are the elements. This is all that the GOP amounts to nowadays, as it circles the drain.

The GOP was desperate in 2015 or it never would have embraced Trump. It did. Now it’s locked in a death grip with him. Neither side can let go. I once saw an image of a cat with its claws sunk deep in the entrails of a hawk. The hawk had grabbed the cat off a roof and the cat turned and buried its claws in the hawks guts as they soared into the sky. The cat wouldn’t let go because to do so would be to fall to its death. The hawk wouldn’t shake the cat loose because to do so would make it bleed to death.

So on they soared in their mutual death grip. Until they both finally crashed into the field. Donald Trump and the Republican party are the cat and the hawk. And they will both crash in the field. Or, they will take America down with them and we’ll all crash.

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