CBS has fallen, particularly 60 Minutes. They’ve made it crystal clear that they’re in the bag for Donald Trump. They, along with other mainstream outlets, have been normalizing his deviancy for nine years now and yesterday they were only too happy to report how “like America” his crowd in the Bronx appeared. Are they seriously this stupid and their reporting this shallow? I don’t know. I also found out that Hugo Lowell, of the Guardian, whose work I have respected, was chiming in with the same drivel. Let’s take a look at how MSM panders to Trump and figure out why — beyond the obvious courtship in case he wins and they get access — so that they can further normalize the deviancy of this era.

Is this what she’s saying “looks a lot like America?”

Marjorie Taylor Greene should never have been on 60 Minutes. That show lost a massive amount of credibility in having the bomb throwing, pugilistic, conspiracy theorist be the star of a segment. Why? Because it’s normalizing deviancy rather than identifying deviancy for exactly what it is.

This is what has made America numb the fast nine years when Trump has ostensibly been making America great. We had a banner headline, blockbuster of a story the other day that went up in smoke without gaining any traction. I speak of Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, accusing the sitting president of the United States of ordering the DOJ and the FBI to assassinate him — a claim which was backed up and amplified by the former 60 Minutes guest, Marge Greene.

The story fizzled within hours. Why? Because it’s just Trump being Trump. Nothing to see here, move along. This was not only a banner headline, this was a Rubicon moment in American history — or should have been — but because it’s Trump and Greene shooting off their ignorant mouths, it just passed into oblivion, lasting less than half a news cycle.

I mention this with particularity because this is how far our norms have eroded. I don’t know how much farther they have to go. It’s like a tire with low tread, how soon before it blows completely?

Here’s an actual Bronx resident. It looks like CBS New York picked up on this. Perhaps there is hope.

Here’s Hugo Lowell of The Guardian selling out.

And the story on the right is what puts me on the floor. Do you see any banner headlines in MSM outlets that Trump was consorting on stage with other indicted alleged felons? It’s in the political blogs, it’s on social media, we posted on it here a few hours after it happened — but is the Grey Lady, the New York Times, deigning to discuss this? This is aberrational. This is deviant. But because it’s Trump, that’s fine. Let’s normalize it.

As I snarked in my post last night, for anybody not named Trump it would be a bail bond violation to be seen publicly consorting with other indicted alleged felons. I would have to look up the fine print, for sure, but generally speaking, when you’re out on bail you keep your nose clean, you watch where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing so that you don’t contravene any number of small details that the bondsman laid out. But that’s in reality, not in MAGA wonderland, where the words, and the laws, mean what you want them to mean.

Lookey here, a news story. Perhaps all is not lost. Maybe the New York Post and other second and third tier outlets will carry this.

That headline ought to be blasting throughout America today. Don’t expect it to, however. What you will get is more horserace and polls pablum. Evidently, this is a decision which has either been collectively made, or it’s part of some media group mind, that keeping everybody on the edge of their seats, biting their nails from now until November, is good for business.

When all this skewed reporting started back in 2015, I remember reading on social media people saying things like, “I feel like taking my journalism degree out of the glass and setting fire to it.” It was that evident, early on, to anybody discerning that Trump, the freak who just entered politics at the presidential level, was not being treated as such. He was being remanufactured into something else.

The media was complicit then and it’s complicit now. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this country. I do know that some people are fighting back. Even a small blog like this one can perhaps make a difference. In any event, we proceed daily along that premise and try. I don’t know what the New York Times and others are committed to doing. Donald Trump is the biggest threat to democracy that America has faced since WWII. I believe he should be getting covered as such.


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  1. Not hard to figure…the rich who own these media want their goddamn tax breaks…just like the slave owners wanted to keep their slaves. Democracy and social justice has been a pain in the ass to these fascists for 248 years.

  2. Filipkowski absolutely nails it as usual. An adjudicated fraud and rapist facing something like 88 criminal counts in four separate indictments is running on a fictitious Biden crime wave and could become a criminally convicted felon by the end of next week. Talk about projection!

    And many of the main-stream media ignore this. Are they more than complicit? Has anyone dug into the finances of Fox and other biased or blind-eye networks and newspapers looking for Russian money? Seems an obvious question.


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