Friends, I have had an epiphany. Crossing the Rubicon is not something that happens with one step, on one day. It’s not like Neil Armstrong descending the ladder to put his boot on the moon. Not in politics. No, in politics, it is more like drops of water eventually etching a hole in a rock, where a waterfall then appears in time.

Kevin McCarthy is not any kind of a leader. That is something that both Democrats and Republicans agree upon. He stands for no principles besides self aggrandizement and the pursuit of power. McCarthy sold his soul and his services to any number of bidders in order to get the Speaker’s gavel. We now find out that giving Tucker Carlson 41,000 hours of J6 security footage was part of his unholy bargain.

NCRM reports that,

Handing the footage over to Carlson, a propagandist is so dangerous the Capitol Police are reportedly trying to quash it.

Politico, citing a source, on Tuesday reported Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger “told associates he didn’t learn of the arrangement between McCarthy and Carlson until it began publicly circulating Monday. Capitol Police have been extremely reluctant to share large swaths of their security footage, citing potential risks to lawmakers, aides and officers tasked with protecting the building.”

It may already be too late. Carlson and his cronies are reportedly poring over the footage. And here’s the Congressman from Bakersfield using it to make money. What else?

Yes, give McCarthy money so that he can continue to sell out the safety and security of the Capitol police and everybody else in Washington that he can possibly compromise.

House Sergeant at Arms William McFarland also was not told of the deal with Carlson.

And while Politico claims “Any move to send Carlson or his associates those video files may require approval from the Capitol Police Board,” it appears Carlson’s team already has been poring over it for the past week.

How did that happen?

U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI), Chair of the House Administration Committee, “requested Capitol Police set up a terminal to view the footage in late Jan.,” according to CNN’s Annie Grayer. “At some point unbeknownst to Cap. Police, Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Carlson access to the terminal.”

Kevin McCarthy gave Carlson access to the terminal. Holy National Security, Batman. There it goes. The entire shithouse just went up in flames.

This is all the more reason to get the House back in 2024 and send McCarthy back to the shadows. I seriously doubt that he would get elected Speaker a second time. He’s a one hit wonder and all parties involved are using McCarthy for whatever they can use him for. And he knows it. So McCarthy, like Trump, is making political hay while the sun shines.

McCarthy crossed the Rubicon, the point of no return, long ago. I think the exact minute it began was when he recanted his January 6 stance. Originally, McCarthy laid the blame at Trump’s feet, where it belonged. He showed some proper instincts, some semblance of leadership that day. So did Lindsey Graham. And then poof. It all evaporated and soon McCarthy was down at Mar-a-Lago sorting out pink and red Starbursts for the Marmalade MAGAt.

I doubt if McCarthy is going to find, in the final analysis, that what he did was worth what he got. His actions are not the actions of leaders in the House and Senate who last. McCarthy’s not going to have the longevity nor the legacy of a Nancy Pelosi, a Harry Reid, a John McCain. We’re going to see.


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  1. I’ve been wondering why the head of the Capitol Police and other top folks in it didn’t make a stink about McCarthy’s giving Carlson access. I do however hope that he knows some top-shelf computer forensic people. The kind of people who can determine who logged on and when and even more importantly anything that was downloaded or forwarded. I doubt Carlson and his researchers would have done a very good job at covering their tracks.

  2. These files are files belonging to the PUBLIC. This craven ass-hat has no business giving, ok selling them, to anyone. The files can be made available to all interested journalists, interested orgs, etc. or not. What ass-hat is doing is not legal and he needs to be made aware of this fact–in a court room would be fine but what ever. Point is, this needs to have a big bruhaha made.

  3. Can someone, anyone, explain how this can happen? How the “leader” of one political party can give exclusive access to govt documents to one media outlet? Was there no process in place, no path to follow, no safeguards to respect? I think the biggest legacy of the Trump/MAGA era will be the revelation that there are far too few protections in place for our fragile democracy aghainst exactly this kind of traitorous action.


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