I don’t know if the Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg cage match will go forward, but it looks like we’ve got one brewing between Caitlyn Jenner and Ron DeSantis, of all people, and my money is on Jenner hands down. No question. Here’s what got the hostilities rolling.

Not sure where Jenner wants DeSantis to go. He was born almost 45 years ago in Jacksonville, does she want him to go back to the house he grew up in or what?

And that’s not the only oddity in this missive. What does she mean she was the “first person in the world to put up our flag?” What am I missing here? Anybody?

This you’re going to love, if you haven’t seen it before. On the left is Jenner in 2015 and on the right is Jenner in 2021. Black and white doesn’t even touch it.

In my life I have had one trans friend. She phoned me the night Donald Trump was elected, sobbing. She told me, “I’ve been living in a dream world. I’m not accepted. I’m tolerated. And now even that might not be the case.” I thought she was right and to be perfectly honest, that had been my perception for some time. Amongst our social group — some Republicans and some Democrats, because prior to Trump we weren’t tribalized as we are now — she was basically looked at as a real oddball, but liked well enough for the person she was to not reject her, certainly. And the social group I speak of was a religious one, so there was more tolerance in that group than in the society as a whole.

But there was no real acceptance, as you and I understand that term, meaning a wholehearted endorsement of a person belonging. When Frank transitioned to Francis, jaws dropped. She told me years later that I was one of three people who was particularly accepting and that she appreciated that. I just told her the truth, that I had never encountered this situation before but that I believed what Shakespeare said, “There are stranger things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophies.”

With respect to the others, let’s say they had a guarded acceptance, as in, “this is weird but hey, I don’t want to tell other people how to live their lives. I am a Christian. I can’t be intolerant.”

Today’s GOP does not accept Jenner. They think she’s a freak. If she doesn’t know that, then she tone deaf to the point of deaf altogether. But on the other hand, I’m sure that there are some who are delighted they have at least one transgender person identifying as a Republican. That’s a milestone.

I wonder if there will be a response from the DeSantis crowd. Don’t hold your breath. Ron is a passive kinda guy, when he’s not out there being an active bully and insulting people, especially the press. Just the temperament we don’t need in the White House.

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  1. Her flip-flopping on the youth sports is kind of curious. That aside, she has more integrity than any of these so-called conservatives. I have always approached people, as either I like them or I don’t. Sexual orientation, race, or trans doesn’t really play into it. I did need some education on trans people, and Caitlyn Jenner did all of us huge thing when she did her interview with Diane Sawyer. I think it helped a lot of us understand trans people better.

  2. I was in the crowd at Montreal Olympic Stadium the 2nd day of the decathlon when Bruce won.
    Even 47 years later and estrogen-ized, Bruce-Kaitlyn could STILL kick that loud-mouthed pussy’s ass !!!


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