There’s an old expression, begin as you intend to proceed. We have seen how Elon Musk has begun since he bought Twitter. If this is how he intends to proceed, then the dark internet has just been elevated to mainstream, if not showcased on mainstream, and we are in for one hell of a ride. I fear this more than I can tell you.

Elon Musk took over the helm of Twitter on Thursday. On Friday we had the tragic story involving the break-in at the Pelosi residence. Naturally, that was picked up by right-wing media and twisted into something vile, i.e., that an allegedly drunken Paul Pelosi brought somebody home from the gay bars and the situation went south.

The Dark Internet went to work and the bozos who are still on Twitter chimed in. It was even depicted comedically, har de har har. An 82-year-old man is viciously attacked with a hammer by a lunatic who came there to kill his wife, but in 2022 that can be made humorous, evidently.

That is beyond ugly, but everybody knows the source. D’Souza is a felon. D’Souza is a flake. This is bad, but it’s not in the same ballpark as what Elon Musk did the next day.

If indeed this is how Elon Musk intends to proceed, then the dark corners of the internet are indeed mainstreamed.

And unfortunately, it does get worse. Truly, I despair for news and information in this country anymore. This tidbit particularly annoyed me.

The tweeter is an “investigative reporter” for KTVU Fox 2, the Bay Area Fox Affiliate. He says he previously worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, so apparently he was a real journalist at one point and then the lure of money took him away from ethics and away we go.

Here’s where it got sane.

And then the sanity didn’t last, naturally. The spin meisters got into action and here is the newest spin.

This is how it works. This is the spin cycle. This is the force which undermines our culture in this day and age.

Our morality as a people has gone completely to hell due to the trivialization of tragedy and the utter lack of simple decency, which you find on social media. As you saw when the Pelosi attack happened, a few individuals in government on the Republican side came forward with sympathy and support. I will give Mitch McConnell the credit he is due, he was one of them.

Likewise, Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz put on a good face, for once, and came forward. But the silence from all the others screams volumes. What that silence says is “this is war.”

It used to be that members of congress were members of the same profession, lawmakers, and they had a unity in that. Of course they disagreed. But the disagreement didn’t destroy the unity and when one member suffered a tragedy other members offered support as human beings.

Now, that sentiment is a rarity. In this tribally divided civilization in which we live, nobody cares what happens to anybody on a human level.

And fueling all this egregious bad taste is a sick media eco system. Yes, we have the First Amendment, but I’m not sure that that piece of writing was ever intended to address a time in history when moral bankruptcy became the order of the day and people no longer knew the difference between right and wrong.

The First Amendment is designed to keep the government from censoring critical viewpoints, not to address a world where there are no more adults, only children slinging disinformation and insult at other children they don’t like, for attention and big bucks.

And I don’t see this stopping. There’s simply too much money in disinformation and sowing chaos. Rupert Murdoch has made billions. You think he’s stopping?

As for Elon Musk, again, this is how he began in his first weekend as the owner of Twitter. If this is how he intends to proceed then I honestly fear for the days ahead.


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  1. Reminder: Musk just spent the last year trying to get OUT OF buying Twitter, at least for the price. The only reason he went ahead with it is because the alternative would have been to get certain things he’d like to keep under wraps dragged into court (sound familiar?). As such, he’s in a trap of his own making.

    Oh and that Dark Internet you mentioned? Will do a lot to make advertisers have a great deal of leverage over Elon. Even for him, 44 billion dollars is a lot to come back from. He either bows to the advertisers’ wishes or he winds up going the MySpace route. Don’t be surprised when the loud goons start turning on him.

  2. I felt and stated (said so many times over the years) that twitter was a superficial, inane, assenine piece of junk. As it became a destructive force (worse than even FB) I railed against it. I broke a vow I made to myself and often noted publicly that I’d never sign up for it. I had little choice when a while back I broke that vow – it was a Hobson’s choice of betraying a promise to a friend who needed my help or betray myself and my values. And I felt like a whore when I created my account, and regularly have since. But now I’m a fucking crack whore. It’s my belief (as is the case with many others) Trump will coming running back if allowed. “Free Speech” includes hate speech but having hate speech dominate the world’s most prolific platform for such vile invective will take an already awful situation and make it worse than our darkest nightmares. And there’s every indication that’s exactly where we are headed.

    GM, and supposedly other major advertisers has announced it was putting its twitter ad stuff on pause to see how this all shakes out, but don’t kid yourselves folks. Remember, there were so many major corporations that after January 6 they would stop donating to any Republican who backed the Big Lie and for a while they did. THEN they quietly started donating again! It will be the same fucking thing with twitter. Especially if the GOP retakes at least one chamber of Congress.

  3. My wife liked twitter, she used it to keep up with The Walking Dead. I never joined, mostly because I could rely on Ursula to comb through the twitter bs to let me know what was going on. Lots of people are quitting, another platform will emerge. corporations will not want to be associated with the vile garbage that musk is unleashing. There is this libertarian media site telegram that is used in russia, but I bet advertisers don’t want to be associated with it because it is full of garbage. It will take a moderated format to attract advertisers. Tide doesn’t want to have to apologize every time a neo nazi posts on their hashtag or whatever.

  4. And so the tanking of twitter begins. Wonder how long it will be until it goes out of business? Anyone care to make book on this? I put in for late 2023.


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