Mike Pompeo might actually be as big a liar as Donald Trump and that’s quite an achievement. Steve Linick, the inspector general who was most recently fired by Trump, testified before Congress that before he was fired he had dialogue with three of Pompeo’s aides and indicated that he was investigating Pompeo’s use of resources — and then he got the ax, and Pompeo said he didn’t know anything about the pending investigations. Corrupt, much?

West Point grads like Pompeo are supposed to have character, integrity and honor. If he ever had those qualities, and I don’t know one way or the other, he certainly ditched them in service to Donald Trump. I guess the siren call of power is too enticing for some people to resist and overrides all over considerations.


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  1. Yes, he was also asked questions about that and submitted written answers via his lawyers. Not a surprise to him at all.

  2. Yes, our glorious ‘Officer Corp’ active and not. They have really stood up to the fascist traitor in the white house. Let us fawn over the Aristocracy. From the Ward Room to the Executive Wash Room. The Aristocracy of undeserved privilege and no responsibility. These are facts of this experiment, just like slavery and racist immigration laws, child labor, etc.

    Oh, the service academies are pretty much populated with political appointees. I am sure they have good grades and such, but it takes at least a little political juice to get an appointment. Though we have a few good guys that were officers, we have more that are scoundrels and traitors. Has everyone forgotten about Flynn. Then we have Cotton, Graham, and on and on.

    Don’t come at me with that old saw, but I know some very nice officers. I heard that about cops the other day in regards to George Floyd. It is what racist say. I know some very nice blacks. Of course the military has to have rank and a chain of command. But it doesn’t have to have a system copied after George III’s military and then later Nazi Germany’s military.

    Oh, I liked all the officers I dealt with over about nine years in the Navy. I knew two that were comically bad, sort of like Trump on a small scale. It is the un-American nature of the system I feel should be changed.

    Business/Wall Street, the Military and the Catholic Church. Business and the Military look at each other and the church and mimic things . That is what they taught in college many years ago. The aristocracy of the Ivy League and such should be looked at, too. There are many unfounded forms of discrimination that should be addressed in this country. They are all interlinked. We should always be striving for Utopia.


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