BREAKING: Taking the “Joy” Out Of DeJoy


When the going gets tough, the tough run like hell

This is breaking as we speak. MSNBC’s Geoff Bennett just broke by twitter that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has found out that politics isn’t quite as much fun as he thought it was going to be.

BREAKING: USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says in a statement of his delay-causing policy changes: “To avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail, I am suspending these initiatives until after the election is concluded.”

10:34 AM · Aug 18, 2020·Twitter Web App
The walls have been caving in ever since reports from  inside the postal service itself showed that a series of measures had been taken whose sole specific goal seemed to be the slowing down and delaying the delivery of mail. Since Trump had already opined that a high turnout of mail in ballots would likely sink his reelection, it wasn’t hard to draw the conclusion. Both of DeJoys homes have been the subject of noisy protests over the weekend.
There was reporting that Trump was absolutely furious with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for scheduling a live grilling of DeJoy in front of the House Oversight committee on the first day of Trump’s convention. But it’s hard to see Trump being happy with DeJoy capitulating so quickly, and completely about an issue that obviously concerns Trump’s reelection process, and it’s unlikely that DeJoy’s capitulation will ease his open roasting on Monday.
This story is still developing, so as more becomes available, I’ll update it.
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  1. Oh, that nitwit…DeJoy STILL doesn’t get it. This is the part where he should have resigned, run like hell to his lawyer’s office and game out his legal case in all states currently suing to undo his damage. Instead, he’s sticking around. Oh, well, the lesson can be repeated.

    • Oh, right. Because the only thing worse than having a Trump donor/lapdog in charge of the Postal Service in the months before the election and doing what he can to throttle the USPS would be to have NO Postmaster General at all.

      And do you really think anyone chosen to replace DeJoy would be any better as long as Trump is President?

      Also, the Board of Governors currently is operating at a bare minimum. The Board is supposed to have 9 appointed members, no more than 5 of whom may be members of the same party at the same time. The Board is responsible for actually electing the Postmaster General plus the Chairman and the Inspector General*; the Board along with the PG elect the Deputy PG. At present, the Board only has 6 appointed members (4 Republicans and 2 Democrats) with 3 vacancies, and there’s no current Deputy Postmaster General.

      *The Chairman is one of the 9 appointed members while the IG isn’t a member of the Board.

      • I was talking about what would have been good for DeJoy, Joseph. I would think it understood at this point that the only way it gets better for US is by handing Trump his eviction notice by whatever means necessary to get the vote in. Surely no one needs a repeat of THAT lesson.

  2. He didn’t say he was going to FIX any of the things he’s done, just hold off doing them so obviously until after the election.
    Weaseling weasel using weasel wording to try avoiding charges.

  3. Also, the Senate committee on Governmental Affairs is going to talk with DeJoy on Friday. (Note that one of the members is Harris.)

    • And Schumer is demanding a written document from DeJoy of EVERYTHING he is specifically doing on rolling back the changes. Congratulations, quisling, you are now a political chewtoy.

      • That is what happens when you are a donor appointee with zero experience in the job. DeJoy obviously did not pay attention to all the other political appointees before him. Everything Trump touches dies.

    • pj, isn’t the Friday hearing supposed to be virtual? I thought the infamous Ron Johnson engineered that little development. It’ll be hard for DeJoy to feel the heat (and present evidence of his contrition) virtually. Just sayin’.

  4. They can’t replace the sorting machines that were damaged during removal and/or improperly stored, much less the ones that were completely destroyed by being thrown in the trash. All they can do is try to reinstall and repair what they can which will likely take more time that we have, and of course stop removal of the machines they didn’t get to yet – 671 were targeted.

    And what about all those blue mailboxes that were removed. Halting removal of any more isn’t good enough. EVERY SINGLE ONE needs to be put right the hell back where it was!

    There’s more of course, but the point is “suspending” what’s been taking place isn’t anywhere near good enough. It needs to be UN-done. And if things happen the way they should in November, then as soon as a new AG and new U.S. Attorney for DC are confirmed a federal grand jury into the actions of DeJoy and any member of the board of Governors of the USPS who approved what’s happened, as well as Trump and any members of his administration who were in the loop needs to be convened.

    As you say, if DeJoy had a lick of sense he’d have huddled with a kick-ass DC criminal lawyer over the weekend and started cutting a deal.

    In the meantime, I keep hoping that someone awesome will file a class action lawsuit on behalf of anyone who has been harmed by mail delays. Late presciption deliveries for example can lead to health issues. Late fees that have had to be paid due to people getting bills too late or their payments (not everyone can do all that stuff online despite what many assume these days) will be actual injury that’s easily proven and make for tens of millions of people in the affected class. And there will surely be some who even lost their home due to a mortgage payment or two not being received in time.

  5. Of course he’s going to suspend the removal of any more equipment until after the election. They did it without any announcements so they could get them removed before anyone realized what they were doing. They removed 641 sorters! That many machines could have prepared a lot of mail for delivery. I don’t know how many are left. It would be interesting to know the total number of sorters and mailboxes were in place before they started the removal program. I’m surprised that a few of the Republican Congressmen/women aren’t a little upset since this doesn’t stop only Democrats from voting!

  6. It’s all well and good that he’s not going to continue taking apart the PO, but how about putting everything back? It’s easy to stop now when he’s already accomplished much of what he started, the damage is done. Give us back the sorting machines and the blue boxes. I want to know where they took all that stuff.

    • Far too many of the machines were outright destroyed. Cables cut, electronics smashed, parts left out in the rain or hauled away in dumpsters. Those things are huge, they take up large rooms all to themselves, they are constructed in place and can’t be put back in time, and he knew this when he started his campaign of destruction.

  7. I hope they impeach DeJoy, or otherwise get him out, and everyone who conspired to make him PMG, knowing what he would do. And then they can ,pay for replacing those sorters and mailboxes they took out, the trucks they took away, and all the overtime needed for employees until everything’s been put right.

    • It’s going to have to be the board that replaces him or him resigning to do that. Given the heat being aimed at him? He might want to SERIOUSLY think about the latter option.


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