When it finally happened, it was a sudden as Pearl Harbor. The Trump Organization is due to go to court on Monday in the civil trial that New York Attorney General Letitia James had filed against him. In a last minute filing, Trump lawyers asked one last time to have the case thrown out of court. In response James asked for a summary judgement against the Trump Organization.

In a 35 page ruling issued less than a half an hour ago, the judge ruled that Trump had committed repeat fraud by routinely manipulating the value of his assets for loan, insurance, and tax purposes. The judge agreed with AG James and found a summary judgement for the state of New York. Basically he shut Trump down.

And just to make sure there are no misunderstanding here, he immediately canceled the New York business licenses for Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jeffrey McGonaghey, and Allan Weisselberg. In plain English, they can no longer operate a business in New York state.

And just to underscore what he was talking about, he immediately assigned a former judge to supervise, and gave both parties 10 days to each give him three names for him to choose from to Put the LLC’s in question into receivership for immediate dissolution.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a death sentence, this is the blade of the guillotine coming down. Anything Trump or his monkey spawn own or operate through the targeted LLC’s are now frozen. If I’m reading the law correctly, once the receivership begins, Trump and the other defendants lose all access to the designated properties and assets.

Which means if Mar-A-Lago is titled to one of those entities, Trump is about to be homeless. The same thing for Bedminster, and other properties. So long to Trump Force One, Traitor Tot can fly in coach with everybody else. There was recent reporting that His Lowness had actually transferred control of Mar-A-Lago over to Donnie Jr. since he got the death sentence too, it makes no difference.

In the summary judgement the judge also slapped a laundry list of Trump attorney’s with $7,500 sanctions each for wasting the court’s time with frivolous motions. This won’t break these lawyers, but no reputable attorney wants a $7,500 slap from a judge on his record when he’s trying to attract new clients.

Of course El Pendejo Presidente will appeal, but that may have to wait. Even with the summary judgement, the trial will still convene on Monday, since there are still six outstanding disputes, including the amount of the fine.

This is what I’m looking forward to. Once the receivership moves on to the dissolution phase, a group of forensic accountants are going to start going through every Trump asset, getting an accurate valuation of his assets. And then we’ll finally learn just how rich the king of debt really is. I’ll update with any Trump response when it comes in.

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  1. Cue Judge Chutkin. She needs to move for a competency evaluation, forget the gag order. He will surely lose his spedoinkle (sp?) when his lawyers tell him.

  2. Goddamn Virginia! There may be a Santa Claus after all!!!!! Money is what the cheeto king worships. Now his idol has been melted down. Get on your knees fat boy. Repent. Go and sin no more!!! Cue up the christo-fascists and their collective hellspeak of suffering!!!!!

  3. This is like a nuclear bomb going off in the trump organization. Does this explain the alleged sale of MAL a month or so ago for something like 20 times its assessed value? Was the buyer the trump organization, and was it a ploy to siphon off the organization’s cash account before it went into receivership? If I were a forensic auditor, I would be asking these questions and lasering my focus on who the beneficial owner was.



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