In the wake of the unexplained delay in the Manhattan DA delaying any grand jury vote on indicting Trump, MSNBC just broke news that may put it in a whole new light, and may just be enough to cause that dead muskrat on Traitor Tot’s head to fall off.

With all of the swirling controversies, evidence, testimony and speculation around the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump, a brief reminder of a probably long forgotten news report that may just make all the difference in the world.

A few weeks ago, when Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was busy trooping various witnesses in front of the grand jury, a report broke that the Manhattan DA had dispatched an emissary of his office to go and pay a little visit to one Allan Weisselberg.

If that name rings a bell, it should. Weisselberg is the disgraced, convicted former CFO for the Trump Organization. He is currently reclining and enjoying all of the first class amenities that Riker’s Island has to offer, serving his five month sentence.

The emissary’s message was simple. The Manhattan DA had uncovered new information that could well lead to new criminal fraud charges against Weisselberg. The Manhattan DA was willing to consider any Weisselberg cooperation in the current case against Trump in his considerations as to whether or not to file additional charges against Weisselberg. Charges that would carry more time, since Weisselberg was no longer a first-time-offender.

And that was the end of it. There was never any follow up reporting, and that single story got washed away in the deluge of other new news concerning the Trump grand jury. But what did the little girl say in the movie Poltergeist? He’s baaaackkkkk.

Allan Weisselberg, being not only extremely rich, but cheap rich made the tactical error of letting Trump pay for his defense attorney. Which is like telling a new dentist to just pull whatever he wants. Weisselberg got exactly what he paid for, which is nothing.

I wrote a few days ago about how we all think we’re such tough sonsabitches until a cop takes your every last personal possession, and shoves you into a cell. Regardless of whether he even closes the door or not, all of your rights and personal freedom are gone, you belong to the man.

Which is what makes the new information MSNBC broke tonight so damaging to Trump that he’ll probably cholesterol overdose on bacon double cheeseburgers. They reported that Allan Weisselberg had fired his Trump appointed attorney, and had instead retained independent counsel of his own. Kind of funny how four months of getting Riked can change your outlook, huh?

We already have empirical evidence on what this kind of a switch means, and it’s not good for Team FrankenTrump. When Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ executive assistant, one Cassidy Hutchinson got called in front of the January 6th committee, she gratefully accepted a Trump appointed and paid for attorney for her counsel.

He wasn’t impressive. In fact his basic advice to Ms. Hutchinson was Look, it doesn’t really matter what you remember, the only important thing is that when you testify all you say is I can’t remember, or I don’t recall. It’s impossible to prove a negative. Just toe the line, and everything will be fine.

Fortunately Cassidy Hutchinson wasn’t a brain dead Trombie, she knew what she knew, and she wouldn’t lie. With advice from friends and family, Hutchinson fired her Trump lawyer and got independent counsel. And went on to blow His Lowness and his minions out of the water in her testimony, becoming a rock star of the J6 hearings.

And now it’s Allan Weisselberg’s turn. Weisselberg is older than Trump, he worked for Trump’s father before he went off with Dipshit. But one thing that Allan Weisselberg now knows, it’s that no matter how much time he has left on this earth, he doesn’t want to spend one more minute of it on Riker’s Island.

Weisselberg will likely insist on full immunity, and from where Bragg’s sitting, it’s an easy decision. If Weisselberg can tie Trump to the crime with barbed wire, better yet if he can offer testimony that allows Bragg to file even more substantive charges against Trump, it’s a bargain price.

Now the delay makes more sense, especially when we’re staring down the barrel of a one month hiatus by the grand jury. If Bragg is about to rope in Weisselberg, then he can spend that month thoroughly debriefing Weisselberg on every last thing he knows, and when the grand jury reconvenes, he can present them with the Mother of all witnesses. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Reminder: to an old man like Weiselberg, five to ten years Inside is pretty much a de facto life sentence. He’s got very little wiggle room here, assuming this report is accurate.

  2. Makes sense. Weisselberg knows where all trump’s bodies are buried and he is serving some soft time in Riker’s infirmary under the terms of his plea bargain, which means he must cooperate fully and be completely truthful. The delay may indicate another body or two has been found and Bragg needs some time to add more charges and run the evidence by the grand jury. Between Weisselberg and Cohen, and a ton of hard evidence that Bragg has amassed, the bad hair job’s chances of avoiding prison are slim to none. He knows it and will be enter be entering full self-destruct mode right about now. Popcorn-up!



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