By now we all Know Jeffrey Clark. He is the former Assistant Attorney of the Civil Division of the DOJ, who penned a letter, which he wanted then acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to sign on to, asking the state of Georgia to send a slate of Trump delegates to the electoral college, even though Biden had won the state.

I swear to God, Rachel Maddow has the best research team in news. The current media narrative of the media is that Clark was acting alone as a part of a power play for Trump to bounce Rosen and make Clark the acting AG instead. But Maddow’s research crew just dropped a neutron bomb on that contention.

As a procedural part of voting to hold Jeffery Clark in criminal contempt of congress, the 1/06 committee released the transcript of Clark’s original deposition. It turned out to be 50 pages of dreck, with Clark refusing to answer any direct questions, without citing a specific privilege, and then storming out of the deposition with his lawyer.

But the devil is in the details, and Rachel’s staff found his horny ass. After Clark and his attorney left, the committee continued meeting. And the Lead Investigative Counsel took the time to read into the minutes of the meeting the list of questions that he had wanted to ask Clark. And therein laid the Hiroshima for the Trump administration.

One of the questions the counsel wanted to ask Clark was what the metadata on that letter showed had to do with input from the White House Communications Department had to do with the creation of the letter!

This is a true game changer. At the very least, the committee has technical evidence that shows that the freakin’ White House of Donald Trump already had a minimum of active collaboration, if not direct authorship of Clark’s letter!

Trump found himself another chump. The contacts between Clark and Trump are already documented in steel. There was no reason for a mid level drone like Clark to ever have direct communications with Trump. He was far too low on the chain of command. This cannot be anything less than collaboration. And Clark confirmed it himself, when in invoking his 5th amendment privileges, he stated that his communications with Trump may tend to incriminate him in criminal activity.

The GOP fucked up big time. Back in March, they had the chance to be in on a non partisan commission to investigate the Capitol riot. The agreement gave then equal subpoena rights, and most importantly, the commission would release their report by years end. And instead the GOP punted on the chance to at least help to control the narrative.

And instead the January 6th committee has interviewed more than 250 witnesses, and has an almost untold number of documents and technical data. And in the coming year, there will be multiple weeks of televised public testimony what will paint the conspiracy for the American public in living color. Congratulations assholes. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Here endeth the lesson.

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  1. JHC Murfreesboro I hope you are right. I’m 78 years old and am trying as hard as I can to live long enough to see that worthless excuse of a human being totally humiliated. And all those enablers in the scumbag GQP.

  2. Mr. Walter: I am sure there are millions and millions of Americans who want to live long enough to see Herr Trump rot in prison or hell….which ever comes first.
    I personally can’t wait to see him handcuffed, wearing an orange jumpsuit, with the words FEDERAL BUREAU OF CORRECTIONS emblazoned on his back. We shall start a GoFundMe page to buy him a couple of cases of soap on a rope! The GOP will also get their due.


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