This is the best gaffe to come out of MAGA world since Donald Trump decided that aiports existed during the time of the Revolutionary War. Bobo is running scared. When you see this next clip you’ll see that she’s lost some of her self-righteous edge. She’s phoning the part in, so to speak. She doesn’t believe what she’s saying, she’s just trying to get through it. It’s bad acting. Insofar as legislating is concerned, though, it’s hilarious.

She seriously does not know when Roe v. Wade (which she pronounces “Way”) went on the books as a law. On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court struck down Texas’s criminal ban on abortion and held that the right to abortion is a “fundamental right.” Or was it was 1873? Lauren Boebert isn’t sure. 1773? Maybe Thomas Jefferson cobbled it together because Ben Frankln was out flying a kite?

Twitter didn’t miss a beat. And listen to it again, it sounds like she’s saying Roe v. Way. Boebert has lost it.

BTW, is “lethality” a word? Anybody know?

Now there’s a good point. If Boebert really cared about unborn children she would deliver one every nine months, rain or shine. Gotta keep that reproductive system doing what God made it for, right?

And I’m not sure this is what Mitt meant.

Now this nails it.

The Republicans love the unborn. The minute you’re out of the womb and you need food, housing, education, health care, they don’t want to know you. But when you’re in utero, man, you are their number one priority. They can’t stop thinking about you, talking about you, going to any lengths to protect you.

Let’s all go back to the womb, shall we?

No, and you won’t. They’re all trying to do damage control, nobody wants to even remember what an embarrassment Bobo is.


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  1. Reverend Barnhart said it very well. He represents a forgotten group under the moniker ‘Christian ‘ that actually embraces Jesus’ recorded teachings. Republicans, love the name of Jesus,(always historically portrayed inaccurately as Caucasian), but betray the sacredness of his name by embracing evil. They use his name as a drug to justify their acts and the damage they knowingly do for selfish gain. ‘Hypocrite’ seems an inadequate word to encompass their darkness.

    • We literally are at a place in America where the worst people are claiming to be religious. I find that very sad. Before all this prosperity consciousness and evangelical wingnuttery arose you didn’t see the level of bald faced hypocrisy that you see now.

  2. Let’s see – 1873? Wasn’t that about the time when the then-Pope decided to make abortion a sin? I do know that prior to sometime in the 19th century there was ZERO Catholic doctrine on abortion one way or the other.

    • There wasn’t b/c the Bible says ‘life begins with your first breath’ not at some indefinable point when a sperm permeates an egg membrane. When a bunch of insecure repressed closet cases find they can’t maintain an erection b/c they are so intimidated by a woman who just gave a tip on how SHE could have an orgasm if HE could just consider her for a moment rather than focusing 100% solely on HIS own ejaculation and how impressed she’ll be with it.


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