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A couple of days ago, Trump co-traitor Kenneth Chesebro turned his miserable *ss in to the Fulton County Sheriff and was processed and released on bond. The first thing that Chesebro’s lawyer did upon his release was to file a motion in Georgia for his client to avail himself of the right to a speedy trial under Georgia law.

Yesterday Trump’s resident mental patient lawyer, Sidney Powell turned herself in to the Fulton County Sheriff to suffer the same indignities as Chesebro, and today her lawyer also filed a motion for a speedy trial. Since she was already a co-defendant of Chesebro in the indictments, it is likely that her trial will be enjoined to his. Look for more in the days ahead.

I wrote yesterday, when it was just Chesebro who had requested a speedy trial that Chesebro was rolling the dice that rushing Willis to trial would catch her off guard, and at least partially unprepared, making prosecutorial errors possible that could benefit Chesebro’s defense. I also wrote that this was stupid, since Willis had five years to file charges, why go before the grand jury before you were all ready to go to trial? But as people are starting to open their mouths, it is becoming clear that there are more tactically logical reasons for this move than meets the eye.

For starters, Trump is a micro-managing control freak. And with 18 co-defendants, some of them already shaky, he wants to maintain total control over the mechanics of this trial. He wants to be able to glare at them in court, muscle their attorneys, and use his persona to hold them in line. But the one thing that Traitor Tot doesn’t want to do is to expedite his trial. In fact he wants to delay it as long as possible, which means higher legal fees for his impoverished co-defendants.

Severing these cases has several strategic advantages. First, it gets them out from under the toxic miasma of Traitor Tot. If they were sitting at a football field sized defense table, for every witness the prosecution calls, Trump’s lawyer will do everything possible to dump a load of sh*t all over the heads of everybody else at the table in his cross examination. What do Chesebro and Powell care what he says about them at trial if they’re not sitting there? They have a different jury who won’t hear it. And besides, Trump dumping on co-defendants who aren’t even at the table may not give the jury the impact he desires.

The second advantage is that it allows them to turn the tables on His Lowness at trial. Trump wants to be the center of attention, and Chesebro and Powell can give him that in spades. On cross examination of government witnesses, their lawyers can highlight Trump’s dominance in everything they did. And if they’re feeling lucky, they can take the stand and testify that everything they did, they did at the President of the United States of America. And best of all, since Trump is not a co-defendant at the trial, his lawyers will not be able to cross examine them at trial if they testify, nor can they cross examine any other witnesses to try to mitigate the damage the Chesebro and Powell lawyers managed in their examinations or crosses.

The third advantage is that this gives Fulton County DA Fani Willis the chance to make her move. These are two midlevel Trump co-conspirators. Once their cases are severed, Willis 60 days to make her move for a come to Jesus moment with a minimum of pressure or interference by Trump’s attorneys. Who knows? maybe straight parole? ad look at the legal fees they’ll save..

Look for more of this in the next few weeks. There are;

  • at least two more Trump co-defendants what are whining about following Trump’s orders when they committed their crimes.
  • The lowlife that tried to threaten Ruby Freeman over the phone before his partner took over in person is still sitting in the Fulton County lockup, since apparently he punched out an FBI agent trying to serve a subpoena, and had an outstanding warrant. He’s pleading poverty, but the judge says that he doesn’t qualify for a public defender. Trump’s not paying his legal fees
  • Kanye’s Devil Woman who berated Ruby Freeman in the lobby of the Atlanta PD made bail, but somehow I don’t see a crass loser like Kanye chipping in some $1.5 million for her legal defense
  • The bail bondsman who went to the cow county and pilfered the voting machines for Trump is out on bond, but he’s also singing the blues about his defense fees

Obviously Willis doesn’t need all of them, but they’re all potentially there for the picking. And you can never have too many bricks. In return for 2-5, out in 18 months, and an end to their legal fees, she can build the wall a little higher.

But the two brass rings are Chesebro and Powell. She gets them, she’s golden. Not just on Trump, but they can testify to any meetings, conferences or planning sessions with high level scumbags like Giuliani, Meadows, and Eastman. And even if they can sever their cases to federal court, it’s still just a federal judge trying state charges, with state rules of evidence, and state prison time. What difference does it make what court you testify in?

I wrote recently that while Trump always wanted to be a Godfather, he never understood the mob culture. Godfathers use Consiglieri’s, Capos, and soldiers as cutouts to avoid prosecution. Trump trusts nobody but himself, he assigns the people he best knows to transmit the orders. And when the evidence piles up against those messengers, nobody needs the Capos or soldiers anymore. They have all the pressure they need to get to the big fish. Dumbass.

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  1. Her affected look, speculatively could be secondary to having inhaled a little too much helium, or some other rarefied clown gas, by the looks of it. This maybe a strategy of her’s in an effort to secure and maintain her other worldly grip on her version of reality. Not a good look.

  2. I remember that look as I, and the techs, in a locked psychiatric hospital, escorted the patient to the locked unit for treatment. Some recovered, some didn’t. I’m afraid she is in the second group.

  3. “…What difference does it make what court you testify in? …”

    Legally, not. But this whole televised trial thing is not making me comfortable at all. If the MAGATS don’t see it on The TeeVee, it didn’t happen, right? Oh, wait! They saw J6, didn’t they? NOPE, because Fox’s version was just a leisurely tourist stroll behind the velvet ropes, no broken glass or murdered policemen in sight.


  4. Sometimes I think, life is just a Rodeo!
    Huge fan
    I sense alot of District of Columbia typical both sides
    I said it, doesn’t mean I meant it
    Problem Republicans
    It’s Atlanta
    And it’s time to be sworn in a court of law
    It’s funny, no more ,,people said
    Jenna, the Mayor, and Mr Federalist are in my opinion,,insane, don’t look insane
    I’m everyday people..till closing people
    It’s evidently extremely expensive to lie
    I could crowd source for cabbage and do better

    Like Sands in the ⌛
    These our the days in our lives….

    Meow. Meow

  5. If they want to join the October 23 date, they’ll need to move fasty. Under Georgia law a “speedy trial” means “before the end of the next term. The current term ends in five days as I type (on 8/31) If they don’t hustle they’ll likely have to wait until Decemner (though it might be November.) No, IANAL. But i learned this from someone who is. i think it was Glenn Kirschner, though I sometimes also watcj Michael Popov, Andrew Weissman, Harry Litman, and Heal Katyal.


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