This is classic, what you’re about to see. There are so many layers to this hate fest. It starts out innocuously enough. A FedEx guy (or maybe gal?) was trying to deliver a package. But one of the residents of the building decided that the delivery worker must really be a drug dealer, burglar, a rapist or maybe out to sleep with her husband, right?

But then it got really whacky when another neighbor decided to confront the white neighbor and she went off like a tea kettle, wailing about how Black people should be living in huts in Africa. How Bill Clinton got dragged into this Bizarro World narrative is unclear. Take a listen, see if you can figure out this madness.

the tweet ends, “decided to be racist. ‘Bill Clinton screwed a black woman & decided they were human, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.'”

Isn’t she a joy and a delight?

Am I the only one here who feels sorry for the poor dog? I want to rescue that sweet little thing. S/he lives with a crazy woman.

What’s pathetic about this is the idea that the Blacks are “taking” something. That’s a big part of racism — or sexism, as well. I know something about the latter. When I was working in radio in the late 70’s, I was one of the first dozen or so women on the air in Denver. I remember getting into an ugly confrontation at a party when some clown, a very wimpy guy, started up with the “you can have anything if you’re a woman or Black.” I let him have it, told him how brutal the competition was. Women were not even allowed to apply for these jobs ten years earlier and those were not easy jobs to get, believe me. And I was livid with the idea that I had been “given” something.

Oh yes, I just woke up one day and was walking down the street and the general manager of a radio station tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey honey, wanna talk on the radio?” It was a trifle harder than that.

But the wimpy white punk who felt so sorry for himself felt I had taken something that was his. And this MAGA Karen here feels the same way. If only the Blacks were back in their African huts, where they belonged, there would be more room for her.

It’s an amazing nerve that MAGA touches. Stephen Miller is the crown price of this particular brand of idiocy. He’s got his legal foundation, dedicated to the idea that white straight men are being passed over and if you’re a POC or female, or gay, then the floodgates of opportunity simply burst open and you are given all.

It’s their fantasy. I guess if you’re such a dork that you can’t put anything together in your life, that it’s easier to figure that The Other screwed you out of what was rightfully yours as opposed to the truth, which is maybe, just maybe, people get what they train for and work for.

Wait until Donald Trump gets wind of this. This gal will be up for Deputy Chief Of Staff in the White House. Or, she may have a key position on his campaign. It would not surprise me.

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  1. You’re right about the dog. The poor thing was being dragged around and constantly had a look of SAVE ME! It amazes me that people can be so incensed over ideas and beliefs that have NO factual underpinnings. As Dylan sang, “their heads are full of big ideas, images, and distorted facts.”

    • Scott, if you were Jewish, it wouldn’t amaze you at all. That is the story of the past 2 years of our existence, with a beautiful college-revival NOW

  2. The truly pathetically sad part is Scott Miller should have known better LONG ago. Jewish and relatives who were in the holocaust. He is beyond words a vile horrible EVIL person whom I despise more so than most. He SHOULD know better!


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