MAGA is in full force at the State Of The Union address tonight and Dark Brandon is using them for his foil. He is mocking them for his sport. We see Mike Johnson playing the role of moral standard bearer and it is the goddamnest funniest thing you are going to see in a long while. Johnson does his version of Concerned Christian Censure From A Superior Statesman and next to Biden and Harris he looks like a middle schooler that somehow got on the high school bus. Thank God Joe Biden doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head, he wouldn’t be able to continue he would be laughing so hard. And Marge Greene had to kick things off. Here’s her take down of Joe, or at least what I can understand. She says “Laiken Riley” while dressed in an outfit that looks like it came out of the storage closet at Chic-Fil-A.

Would you like some fries with your stupid, Marge? Here’s Mike Johnson’s entire act. He’s such a repulsive little slug. My God, I never thought I’d long to see Kevin McCarthy but that is in fact the case tonight. McCarthy was a lightweight, yes, but Johnson couldn’t make the featherweight class if he had anvils in his shoes.

Biden is on a roll tonight. He’s found his stride, he’s in his groove and he is in charge of the room.

And James Lankford nodded his head and agreed. This is what a rudderless, leaderless political party looks like, folks. This party is finished. There are a lot of people in this room who know it, in both parties.

The GOP has a few angry malcontents doing political theater but that’s not cutting it. And this clown simply is making a fool of himself, like Marge Greene.

Laugh it up, boys and girls. History is taking notes and taking names. And yours will live in infamy as the losers that you are.

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  1. Biden kicked some MAGA candy ass. And MTG didn’t disappoint. 🤡 Speech was too “political”? Bet your ass YES. He tossed the turd right back. 👍

    • Did somebody say the speech was too political? I can’t write commentary and read it at the same time. Who said that?

      • Imagine that.

        A President making a speech in the house – and the opposing side complaining about ‘politics’.

        Next, we’ll have Trump complaining about fraud.

      • But MTG’s insulting headgear wasn’t political?nor when Alito yelled out “You lie!” at Obama’s SOTU?
        I guess it’s only political when a,Democrats tells the complete unvarnished truth.

      • Several people – and today, several publications. I’m sorry, I’ve seen it so much and can’t remember a single source any more than I could remember a single drop of water from a flood.

  2. I know it’s not recommended to acknowledge a heckler, but Uncle Joe should have stated , as he did, that he had the deepest sympathy for Laken Riley’s family for their loss, and then admonish Neanderthal Margaret and the Republicans for voting down the bipartisan immigration bill on February 7th, on strictly political orders from Lardass the Clown if they are so concerned with the safety of Miss Riley, who was killed on February 22nd…….why weren’t they concerned then?..

    • …….and then he should have sternly admonished and shamed them, and insisted they apologize to her grieving family for using the tragedy of a young woman losing her life in a lame attempt to gain cheap political points.

      • From Wiki…..
        Marjorie is a female given name derived from Margaret, which means pearl. It can also be spelled as Margery, Marjory or Margaery. Marjorie is a medieval variant of Margery, influenced by the name of the herb marjoram. It came into English from the Old French, from the Latin Margarita (pearl). After the Middle Ages this name was rare, but it was revived at the end of the 19th century.

        I was referring to the possible Neanderthal spelling and pronunciation.

        • Excellent & with reference to the mention of “Neanderthal”, Margie Q-Ninny has been spotted at the Museum of Natural History in one of the displays.

          • Could be sisters…no difference……would explain much.

            Margaret (Marge) is the last of a living Neanderthals….

  3. I’d love to see Trump string that many cogent ideas into a speech, including thinking fast on his feet. The gop looked like the assholes they are and Dark Brandon took no prisoners! I didn’t watch the Devil’s disciples response. It’s all lies anyway.

    • Trump’s never had that many ideas in his whole life, let alone actually articulated any.

      Biden’s not just on another world from Trump. He’s in another galaxy.

    • I would love to see DON THE CON do any of those things also, but he can’t do any of those things you mentioned because he’s an IMBECILE.

      His IQ is only 73 & the cut off score for mental retardation is 70 & below. He only scores 3 points above that in the “borderline intellectual functioning” range.

  4. Whoooeeee….President Joe Biden gave a barn burner of a SOTU speech with the GOP/MAGAS featured as the main ROASTEES on the barbecue spit. I imagine they are feeling a bit SCORCHED & nursing some wounds now. I loved that President Biden told Putin where to go & that he wouldn’t bow down like DON THE CON does.

    Joe Biden certainly didn’t play along with their description of a doddering old man who can’t get around the Oval office by himself. Instead he grabbed them by their scrawny chicken necks & flung them over his shoulder. He was just waiting for the heckling of Q-Ninny Marg to start & he was ready for it.



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